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Qiu Bo Curry House in Ulu Tiram, Johor 秋波咖喱之家


Qiu Bo Curry House 秋波咖喱之家 has a huge reputation in Johor Bahru since the days it was at Jalan Storey. The original Qiu Bo is now in Ulu Tiram. In any discussion about good pork curry in Johor, the name Qiu Bo will surely come up. With such a big following, it would be remiss if Johor Kaki did not check out Qiu Bo :P

So last month, I went to Qiu Bo with my makan kakis Joe and Kumes who are big fans of Qiu Bo. It was a much anticipated outing. We were so eager, we actually arrived before opening time and had to wait outside for a while.


We ordered the signature curry pork ribs, of course. The curry was creamy with santan and the coconut milk flavour and taste were strong. If you like your curry to be as lemak as possible, you will surely like this. Despite the rich crimson colour, the curry was only mildly spicy. The curry was more fragrant than spicy hot. I enjoyed the curry.

The pork ribs on the other hand were a little on the firm and stiff side. Joe and Kumes remembered that the pork ribs were more tender during their visit just a month earlier. Perhaps, we were a little too early this time and the pork ribs hadn't had enough time in the pot to get tender yet.

Fried-Bean Sprouts-Johor-Bahru

The fried taugeh dish (bean sprouts) was well executed. Savoury and crunchy. The taugeh had all their fibrous roots pinched off leaving only the juicy stems. A nice and labour intensive touch which many restaurants dispensed with nowadays. Thumbs up for Qiu Bo here.


This omelet was Kumes' suggestion. It was my favourite dish of the day.

The soft fried eggs wrapped crunchy good sized shrimps. I really enjoyed the mouth feel combining soft eggs and crunchy prawns, and the eggy taste with sweet prawn flavour.


Qiu Bo is well known for their fish ball soup with mung bean vermicelli. The handmade fish balls were good. Bouncy and had that lovely springy, firm yet tender bite. The poppy fish balls had that subtle fresh fish meat sweetness which I liked.


The simple fried chye sim came with a handful of good sized prawns. Shelled and fresh, the prawns added a savoury crustacean note to the dish and also to the gravy.

Eating at Qiu Bo is like eating at home. The dishes are simple, familiar comfort food and the setting is clean, basic, unpretentious and without any frills. The star of the show, curry pork ribs, might be slightly off colour today but overall it was still a very good meal. Looking at the clientele, most were regulars who had been following Qiu Bo for a long time.


Our total bill including all the food and drinks for three persons was RM55.

I will definitely be back, at about 2:00pm, and taste Qiu Bo's famous curry pork ribs in its true form. I also need to come back for another of Qiu Bo's claim to fame - their popular curry fish head.

->> JB people's long time favourite.


Restaurant name: Qiu Bo Curry House 秋波咖喱之家
Address: Jalan Mutiara, Ulu Tiram, Johor
GPS: 1.586667,103.817281
Hours: 11:00am to 3:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 22 Apr 2013

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  1. Hi Tony,
    Do you know about the herbal wild boar trotters at Ulu Tiram that is available only on Sundays? Go past Qiu Po into town, look for the Chinese Primary School, and you will see it directly opposite the front gate to the school. Be there before 8.30am to be sure it has not been sold out, like the kuey tiao at Kulai's mok kao. And there is the story of the mother to Sunshine Kopitiam of Taman Puteri Wangsa.........

    1. Thank you Yoke Wei for the info. Yes I have tried the wild boar trotters. It is nice. Appreciate it.

  2. Hi Tony,
    Do you know the wild boar trotters soup shop at Ulu Tiram? Go past Qiu Po into town, and look for the Chinese Primary school there. Directly opposite the front gate of the school, you will see the shop selling it. It has very strong (pepper) pepperish taste. Be there before 9.00 am or it could be sold out like the kuey tiao at Kulai's Mok Kow. The story of Sunshine Kopitiam also originated from Ulu Tiram town, if you care to ask the boss of this coffee shop.

    1. Thanks Yoke Wei for the recommendation. I will surely make a trip there :)

    2. Hi Yoke Wei, I just tried last Sunday. I love it :D Thanks for the suggestion.

  3. 3 persons for RM55 is a tad expensive. But as I size up the dishes, i figure the meal could have accomodated 4 persons...will give it a try this friday..

  4. hi tony, are u aware is Qiu Bo still around? seems like they had moved

    1. I am not sure. Does anyone here knows? Please share. Thank you.


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