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J Maison Café in Kulai, Johor


J Maison is a dream turned reality café for 2 young Johor couples who wanted a café of their own so that they’d always have a place to go to for good cakes and coffee. To complement a good cup of coffee, café owners Shirley and Yvonne bake all the cakes they offer.

Shirley and Yvonne invited me to try their cakes and coffee. There is a whole range of cakes here which would surely have something to suit everyone’s liking. Cakes made here have an “ice cream-like” texture! I like it :)


When I entered J Maison Café, I was greeted by this quaint but interesting mural on my left. I found this piece of art extremely intriguing. Shirley said this piece of work is incomplete because the artist will work on it whenever he is free. To me, this piece of art is already "complete" even though it is still "unfinished". It is already a very enjoyable piece and a talking point in its present state.


Inside, you will find J Maison Café rather basic in decor and furnishing. Shirley and Yvonne launched J Maison Café with loads of passion but only a shoestring budget. So, many of the decorations in the shop are DIY. Still, the café is air conditioned, so it is quite cool and relaxing inside. As a young and budding business, J Maison has a special kind of warmness and personal touch as Yvonne and Shirley are personally on hand at the cafe and are involved in every aspect from cleaning to baking to serving customers.


This rainbow cake (RM8.90) is a speciality of J Maison and is available on weekends only. This is a high 7 tier cake with all 7 colours of the rainbow. At first glance, this candy-looking cake gives the illusion that it would be far too sweet and almost too colourful to consume. However, once I tried it, I realised that this rainbow cake is actually not too sweet :) Shirley told me that all colours are organic so that customers need not worry about consuming artificial colouring! The sponge cake layers are soft and light, and are flavoured with pandan leaves. The cream frosting on the cake and between the layers makes the cake moist. This rainbow cake doesn’t just look amazing, it also tastes very good. This was my surprise personal favourite! The whole rainbow cake can be ordered for RM78 (10inch, 1.2kg). This cake would sure be a crowd pleaser at your next party!


Pure coffee cake (RM8.90) is made with Arabica coffee beans. This smooth creamy cake has a surprise crunch bottom layer made with chocolate wafers crumbs. This would be a great cake for coffee lovers!


Black Forest crepe cake (RM8.50) is the latest addition to J Maison’s menu. Shirley is very excited about this cake as she said that not many cafés and bakeries offer this flavour combination with their crepe cakes yet. So this is one of the few places to try this new cake! Just like a black forest cake, this crepe cake has cherries in between its crepe layers. A very delicious crepe cake!


Dark Chocolate Millie Crepe Cake (RM8.50) is Shirley's personal favourite and you will surely understand why once you’ve tried it!


It’s smooth and creamy chocolaty texture is complemented with the crunch of candy in between the crepe layers. Worth every (million :P) calorie!  hehehe (evil grin).


Tiramisu (RM4.50) served at J Maison is made with a generous dose of whisky :P The creamy mascarpone cheese gives the cake its signature texture and flavour. Quality tiramisu at RM4.50 - beat that!


Thrice Happiness Star Crepe Cake (RM8.50) features the traditional trio combination of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Just like all other cakes at J Maison, it is not too sweet and this crepe cake has less cream than its cake cousins.


Raspberry Yogurt Crepe Cake (RM8.50) is a refreshing crepe cake. The yogurt cream makes it feel like a healthier option. Could this help with digestion? :P


Flower Tea (RM9.90 a pot with a small jug of honey) is a visually appealing tea from China’s Fujian Province.


This beautifully hand tied tea is a combination of 3 types of tea including 2 types of flowers like Jasmine and Chrysanthemum. This is a calming tea suitable for everyone. Add honey for a unique flavor that has a slight tanginess!


Barista Tangerine making a latte for me :)


J Maison uses coffee beans from Musetti of Italy - the personal favourite of Shirley and Yvonne. Made from  Arabica coffee beans, the fragrant coffee has body, is smooth and has a subtle chocolaty aftertaste blended with vanilla notes. Complements the sweet cakes very well.

J Maison is a small, humble café with big cakes and good coffee.



Restaurant name: J Maison Café
Address: 122, Jalan Kenanga 29/6, Indahpura, Kulaijaya, Johor
GPS: 1.643308,103.618068
Hours: Saturdays 11:00am to 1:00am. All other days 11:00am to 11:00pm. Tuesdays off.
Parking: Ample, free street parking
Non Halal

Date visited: July 5th, 2013


  1. The pure coffee cake looks so tempting!!! Too bad is quite far to drive all the way from JB to kulai~ aiks!
    Btw, congratz to win the Singapore Top Food Blog awards!! (Proud to be Johorean! XD)

    1. LOL the cakes and coffee are nice. It's quite near to JPO, so it's a good side trip if you are going shopping there. Thank you for your support and encouragement :)

  2. How come non-halal? only sell cakes ya? or is it because they use alcohol for ingredients in their cakes?

    1. oh besides cakes, J Maison has non Halal items on their menu.

  3. Tried it, not impressed... The ice cream-like texture is more of a frozen cream in the cake.

    Coffee is good though


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