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Johor Coffee and Eggs at Wee Hoi 惠海 Kopitiam in Gelang Patah

Miki with her Threadfin catch

Today, we went to the wholesale fish market at Pontian with Leslie Tay of iEatiShootiPost and our mutual friends, David and Miki. After our fruitful foray at the fish market, Miki suggested that we go to Wee Hoi 惠海 kopitiam in Gelang Patah to try their kopi (coffee) which is "so good that you will have 3 cups".


Restaurant name: Wee Hoi 惠海 Kopitiam
Address: 6, Jalan Kacang Panjang, Gelang Patah, Johor
GPS: 1.446838,103.587325
Hours: 6:00am to 5:00pm (closed on Thursday)
Non Halal

Wee Hoi is a typical small town kopitiam. Wee Hoi's main claim to fame is their traditional bao (buns). When we arrived at about 12:30pm, customers were already waiting for the bao to arrive. Meanwhile, everyone was relaxing with a good cuppa tea or Wee Hoi's popular coffee.


Wee Hoi's coffee is freshly brewed at the back of the kopitiam.

Johor-Coffee- Eggs-Wee-Hoi-惠海-Kopitiam-Gelang-Patah

Wee Hoi's coffee is light bodied but aromatic and robustly flavoured with a quite strong aftertaste. It tastes similar to coffee at Daily Grain in Taman Perling and Keng Guan Hiong in Pontian, both of which I liked.


I like Wee Hoi's coffee for it's robust distinctive flavour and aroma.


I certainly can have three of this coffee though perhaps not in quick succession in one sitting because I found the caffeine kick rather strong. It didn't score hat tricks with everyone though, as some found it a little acidic and needs a bit of getting used to.


As Wee Hoi serves soft boiled kampong chicken eggs (which is harder to find in Singapore), Leslie decided to give this a try.


Leslie's daughter Megan was the appointed Official Egg Taster for an unbiased assessment. Megan whose credentials include eating eggs everyday, immediately showed her egg tasting mettle by eating her eggs the expert's way.


A good sign - Official Egg Taster polished off the egg in three smooth slurps and looked blissfully satisfied as she savoured the eggy flavours lingering on her finely tuned taste buds.


Suspenseful moments as we held our breath, waiting for the Official Egg Taster to gather her thoughts.


Hurrah! We were relieved when Official Egg Taster broke into a smile as she delivered her final verdict. It's official - Kampong chicken egg is indeed tastier than ordinary farm chicken eggs. It has a nicer flavour and it's texture is better compared to runnier ordinary eggs.

Remember to try Wee Hoi's soft boiled kampong chicken eggs when you are around Gelang Patah :)

Date visited: 3 Nov 2013

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