Monday, 4 November 2013

Johor Famous Bao 包 at Wee Hoi 惠海 Kopitiam in Gelang Patah

Left to right. David, Leslie, Megan, Lisa (holding the loot of bao), Miki, and James

After Leslie got his bagful of fresh wild caught prawns and we all got our gigabytes of photos at the Pontian fish market, our friend David brought us to Gelang Patah for Wee Hoi's famous old school bao 包. This is the same kopitiam serving Miki's favourite "3 for 1" kopi.


Restaurant name: Wee Hoi 惠海 Kopitiam
Address: 6, Jalan Kacang Panjang, Gelang Patah, Johor
GPS: 1.446838,103.587325 / 1°26'48.6"N 103°35'14.4"E
Hours: 6:00am to 5:00pm (closed on Thursday). Bao arrive around 1:30pm and sold out by 2:00pm.
Non Halal

When we arrived at about 12:30pm, some people were milling around while others were sitting, sipping coffee. They were killing time, waiting patiently for something.

Johor-Famous-Bao-包- Wee-Hoi-惠海-Kopitiam-Gelang-Patah

When the minivan arrived with blue plastic trays loaded with snowy white buns, the boss and lady boss sprang into action. The first task was to bag the buns for pre-order takeaway customers.


The buns are made by a granny who is an elder relative of the boss Mr Ho. On weekdays. granny makes only 500 buns; a little bit more on weekends. This cardboard box of takeaway order of 100 buns by just one customer got us nervous. We were relieved when a quick check with David confirmed that he had submitted our orders :D


The boss Mr Ho, arranges the pearly stash into the small steam display cabinet.


Actually, I thought this was hardly necessary as the whole stock was taken away or eaten within 30 minutes of arriving at the kopitiam :D


Looking like a pile of pin cushions, our heap of assorted buns for tasting :D


The 梅菜包 filling of moist, not overly salty preserved greens wrapped in a pillowy, airy, snowy-hued slightly sweet bun. The bun had excellent bite and mouth feel with a lively bounce (no joke).


James patiently peeled the skin off the 扣肉包 braised belly pork bun revealing the soft airy lattice below. I wanted to call this creation the "fur bao" but James preferred to name it the "snow bao".

I actually did not taste the 扣肉包 but Lisa loved it because the tender flavourful stuffing was a nice balance of meat and fat. 


The peanut bun has generous stuffing of nicely ground fried peanuts with a little bit of sugar.


Crunchy, juicy turnip fillings.


As quickly as it started, after the frenzy that swept away all the bao, Wee Hoi returned to it's idyllic slumber just like any back row kopitiam in small town Johor.

Leslie was so impressed by the exceptional bun that he felt that it is worth making the trip from Singapore to Johor just for this alone.

->> You know... fancy food fads come and go like mist in the morning. Queues appear and are gone in 6 months. But, people have been queuing for grandma's bao for years now. Wee Hoi 惠海 bao is one more good reason to visit rustic Gelang Patah for food.

I will surely be back often.

Date visited: 3 Nov 2013

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  1. "This cardboard box of takeaway order of 100 buns by just one customer got us nervous." This is hilarious, lol. Tony, please bring some back next time, or take me to that granny's house :p

  2. Hi ! Tony, I'm from Singapore food lovers and I also like to sharing nice delicious Ichiban foods places with cheap affordable prices to my those friends . I and my those friends once awhile also love to going to Johor, looking for nice delicious Ichiban foods places with cheap affordable prices .
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    Warmest Regards,

    1. You are most welcome Kristine. Glad that Johor Kaki is helpful.

  3. Hello Tony! Your blog is an excellent reference for people who love food in Johor! I am most interested in the pau sold at Wee Hoi Kopitiam at Gelang Patah. Would you happen to know the process for pre-ordering?

  4. Hello Tony! Your blog is an excellent reference for food in Johor! I am most interested in the pau sold at Wee Hoi Kopitiam at Gelang Patah. Would you happen to know the process for pre-ordering? Is there any contact number available?

    1. Thanks 勇仁. Got this number from FourSquare (+60) 16 776 6110. So sorry for late reply.


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