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Wanton Mee at 金山楼云吞面 in Taman Impian Emas, Skudai, Johor

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

This is my friend Jason's usual order at 金山楼云吞面 with extra char siew.

My bloggie friend Jason Lee of MyTrips blog has been raving about the wanton noodles at 金山楼云吞面 for some time. Jason especially loves 金山楼's char siew 叉烧.

So, today I dropped by 金山楼 to give it a try.


Jason is a regular here and I had a hunch that I will bump into him enjoying his favourite wanton noodles.

hahaha sure enough, today is my lucky day :D  We caught up with Jason at his favourite wanton mee shop.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

Inside 金山楼, it is a typical food shop in Malaysia. Simple, clean, no frills yet comfortable and welcoming.

The (camera shy) 30-plus year old boss, DakSern 达胜 
was a banker in KL with a Finance degree from University of Malaya. Living in Kuala Lumpur for a decade, DakSern fell in love with the KL style of wanton mee. 

I am a big fan of KL wanton mee too, but DakSern went a big step further. DakSern traded in his business suit for the apron of a noodle and char siew maker. DakSern learnt the art of making char siew and noodles from the KL masters, and founded 金山楼 in 2011 to share his passion for KL wanton mee in Johor Bahru.

Everything from the char siew to the noodles are all made by DakSern at the shop.

DakSern said that over the two years since opening 金山楼, he had been tuning the flavours to suit the local preference. 金山楼 now has a loyal following like Jason who comes here at least twice a week :D

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

This was my basic bowl of wanton mee with extra noodles at RM5.50.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

The noodles after a vigorous tossing in the aromatic blended sauce of shallot oil, garlic oil, lard and a house blended sauce. In line with the JB palate, the use of lard was light handed and the lard flavour was less pronounced than the KL variety.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai- Johor

The homemade whole egg noodles were crunchy with a slight bounce.

The whole egg noodles are made right there at the shop with fresh eggs and wheat flour by DakSern.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

Our side order of char siew at RM6 for 100 grams.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

The savoury char siew was flavourful though the seasoning was more gentle and milder than the KL version. The meat was firm yet juicy, bouncy and crunchy. The fat tasted sweet and felt more like biting through a juicy fruit rather than a layer of greasy fat.

We ate up everything as it was well worth the cholesterol.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

The char siew came with a small dish of drippings and sauce. hmmm next time I shall pour this onto the noodles and see if the taste works.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai- Johor

The wantons were average sized and the aromatic minced meat was wrapped in smooth and slightly crunchy wanton skin.

->> Try 金山楼云吞面 if you are looking for KL style wanton mee in JB.

Wanton-Mee- 金山楼云吞面-Taman-Impian-Emas-Skudai-Johor

Restaurant name金山楼云吞面 Kedai Makanan Wantan Mee
Address: Jalan Seri Impian 1, Taman Impian Emas, Skudai, Johor Bahru.
GPS: 1.542904,103.681824
Hours: 8:00am to 2:00pm (closed on Thursday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 24 Mar 2014

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  1. i wish it was halal, i wanna try it too!

    1. Dear Muhammad, ok, let me look for Halal wanton mee and share. Thank you for visiting my blog :D

    2. Hi Muhammad,

      this is kolo mee so it is not exactly wanton mee but it is similar and very good too. It is also Halal here. May want to give it a try. You may like it too :-D


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