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Wafels and Dinges Belgian Waffles in NYC New York


The signature yellow Wafels and Dinges carts are found in many locations in New York City. I was at the Wafels and Dinges cart at Central Park.


There is always a line at Wafels and Dinges carts.


The cart is a one lady operation and uses an old school Brussels cast iron high heat waffle maker with deep wells. So the wait can be long and patience is advised.

My Wafels and Dinges Brussels style Belgian waffle with peanut butter and Belgian chocolate topping, after a 30 minutes wait.

The freshly made waffle was thick and piping hot. The browned outside has a gentle crisp while the fluffy inside was light, airy, moist and soft.

The inside has a buttery, eggy and slightly savoury flavour. The peanut butter and Belgian chocolate topping added layers of savouriness to the waffle.

Overall, the waffle was an enjoyable snack. 


Stole a shot of another customer's Wafels and Dinge waffle, with strawberry topping. Looks pretty and I think it will taste interesting with mix of buttery, eggy, savoury, sweet and tart flavours.

I shall try a fruit topping for my next Wafels and Dinges waffle.


The Wafels and Dinges cart at City Hall Park at the West end of Brooklyn Bridge.


Restaurant name: Wafels and Dinges (mobile food cart)
Address: Mobile food cart. I have tried it at Central Park and at the West end of Brooklyn Bridge.
Hours: 8:00am to 4:30pm (subject to changes)

Date visited: 22 Nov 2014

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