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La Veen in Perth Menu Review JK1246

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

I brought a stubborn bug with me to Perth, Australia - I was infected with the hipster cafe hopping bug and took it everywhere I went. My good friend Jo-Hann who lives in Perth tells me that I have to check out La Veen, one of his favourite coffee places.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

We couldn't meet up as Jo-Hann was stuck in campus, so he guided me on watsapp to La Veen on King Street. La Veen is right at the northern end of King Street at the intersection with Wellington Street. I found La Veen easily thanks to Jo-Hann and to the City of Perth for providing free working wifi in the city centre.

I passed many interesting sights as I worked my way leisurely around downtown Perth in beautiful weather on the last day of Winter.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

There were many interesting, quaint old shops - like this T. Sharp & Co., writing instruments and fine gifts on Hay Street.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

Perth's heritage is reflected in it's new developments.


Hey...., this lane off Hay Street looks interesting.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

I can be forgiven for thinking that I just stepped into London as this is Perth's London Court Arcade.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

Stepping into La Veen, it was indeed a hip space with all the right cool vibes and people. Still, it was casual and welcoming, so anyone can feel comfortable here. Located inside a heritage building, the interior was a little tight. Plenty of red bricks and wood, I love the rustic homely feel of this place.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

The coffee is freshly pressed on order using the much sought after elite handcrafted Synesso Hydra espresso machine.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

As it was about time to get on the bus to the airport, I got myself a take away flat white.

Medium body Brazilian, Costa Rican, Ethiopian blend. Deep yet gentle bitter sweetness with nice Arabica aroma. I enjoyed sipping this hot coffee as I roamed the streets of downtown Perth.

Besides good coffee, La Veen serves a wide range of delicious looking brekky and brunch dishes. Obviously, this post is incomplete. I definitely need to come back to La Veen for a full experience at this cafe.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

Back on the streets of Perth, peeking curiously down alleyways. I don't know, perhaps I was an alley cat in a past life ;-p

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

The old and new side by side on Hay Street Mall.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

Hay Street at the entrance of London Court Arcade.

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

Arriving at Perth airport.

Good bye Swan Valley and Perth, I miss you man.

Restaurant name: La Veen Coffee and Kitchen

Address90 King St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
GPS: -31.950655, 115.855754
Hours: Mon to Weds 7:00am to 3:00pm | Thurs to Fri 7:00am to 4:00pm | Sat 8:00am to 4:00pm | Sun 9:00am to 3:00pm
Tel+61 8 9321 1188

Non Halal

La-Veen-Perth- Menu-Review

Acknowledgement: I had the opportunity to visit Perth, thanks to our gracious host Sasha Stone and the fine hospitality of The City of Swan.

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Date visited: 31 Aug 2015

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  1. Honestly there are so many alleyways with surprises in storage. Trinkets and treasures abound! Not to mention all these lovely coffee joints that you're photographing in too!


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