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Best Budget Shanghai Restaurants in Taipei @ Lu Ji 盧記上海菜館

Well loved, dingy 20 year old little Shanghainese diner owned and run by veteran chef from Shanghai with 40 years of culinary experience under his belt. Must order their signature Grandma Stew Pork with Squid, Stewed Crab with Rice Cakes, Stir Fried Eel with Leek and Braised Duck. There are over 100 dishes in the menu.

Restaurant name盧記上海菜館 Lu Ji Shanghai Restaurant
Address: No. 5, Lane 115, Section 2, Minsheng East Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10491
GPS25°03'30.1"N 121°31'54.2"E 25.058354, 121.531724
Nearest MRT: Xingtian Temple Station 行天宮站
Tel: +886 2 2581 4645
Hours: 11:30am 2:00pm | 5:00pm - 9:30pm

Shanghai native, Boss Lu 盧偉菁 started his culinary career as a kitchen hand at age 19. His 40 year culinary journey included a stint in the restaurant of 上海锦江饭店 luxury hotel. He migrated from Shanghai to Taipei in the 1990s. His first restaurant in Taipei failed due to partnership problems. After that, Lu founded 盧記上海菜館 in 1999. Since then, Lu has built up a large following of regulars at his restaurant.

One of Lu's signature dishes is his Grandma Stew Pork with Squid. Lu's version of the ancient dish adds squid slices into the traditional stew recipe. The tenderly soft juicy stewed pork belly is complemented with the tender springy bite of squid slices. Layers of savoury sweetness from both the pork belly and squid blend together deliciously. The dish is not overly greasy Lu's reinterpretation of the heritage dish is well received by customers.

Another must try dish is Lu's Crab with Rice Cake 青蟹年糕 but be sure to call ahead at ☎ +886 2 2581 4645 to pre-order. The live crab with roe is cleaned, flash fried and then cooked with a savoury sweet sauce with onions, leek etc. It is then stewed together with rice cakes. The crab imparts its crustacean umami into the sauce layering it with delicate savoury sweetness. The rice cakes are also infused with the crab's natural sweet savoury flavour.

Fried Eels with Leek 韭黃鱔糊 is a traditional Shanghainese dish which is popular at 盧記上海菜館. Lu said that in a well executed eel dish, the fish should be served slick, supple and soft, and tongue scathing hot. The leek should remain crunchy and juicy. Timing is critical in getting this dish done right. 

Shanghai Braised Duck 上海醬鴨 is also popular with Lu Ji's fans. Lu's braised duck is deeply infused with the braising stock from the skin through the fat and meat to the bones. Yet, it is not overly salty - just gently savoury sweet with underlying subtle natural duck flavours.

Lu Ji's fans like 盧記上海菜館 for its fresh ingredients, masterfully executed signature dishes, extensive authentic Shanghai menu of over 100 dishes, and reasonable pricing. The environment is humble but intimate and welcoming.

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