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Like Mee Noodle House @ Mount Austin · Pork Soup Full of Soul & Flavour · 赞麵館 猪肉粉

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

Janet is a fan of the KL style pork noodle soup at the newly opened Like Mee Noodle House in Taman Mount Austin. We tried it together with Kim and we all liked it too - I especially like its thick cloudy, rich, robustly umami savoury porcine sweet soup.

Stall name: Like Mee Noodle House 赞麵館 猪肉粉

Address: 6, Jalan Austin Heights 8/2, Taman Mount Austin, 81100 Johor Bahru

Tel: +6012 722 4020 ☎ +607 358 0165

Hours: 9:30am - 9:00pm

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

Like Mee Noodle House is simply but comfortably furnished. Bright, neat and clean.

Founder Shirley started her stall in Petaling Jaya in 2002 and opened her first shop in Subang Jaya in 2015. Now, she has three shops in Kuala Lumpur and two shops in Johor Bahru - this one in Mount Austin and another at Jalan Dedap 4, Johor Jaya.

All this achieved through hard work and old school word of mouth with very little social media hype.

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

The traditional pork noodle comes with signature soup, choice of noodles and ingredients. The ladies shared a bowl and I had one all by myself 😬 I also had an optional cup of hua tiao chiew (Chinese rice wine for cooking).

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

The soul of KL pork noodle is the soup. Like Mee Noodle House makes their soup by boiling pork stock bones, chicken and anchovies for over eight hours.

The soup was mind blowing good.

The cloudy soup was full bodied, rich almost creamy and packed with umami savoury flavours and fresh porcine sweetness. The dribble of fresh lard and pieces of crunchy lard croutons added aroma and flavours to the already tasty soup.

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

I opted for kway teow which was so slurpy smooth, I had trouble picking it up with the metallic chopsticks for a good sharp photo. The rice noodles tasted good - gently sweet, complemented by the robustly umami savoury soup.

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

Together with the soup, this intestine stuffed with intestine was my favourite thing in the bowl. The intestine had a nice tender crunch to the bite and tasted gently savoury sweet.

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

Everything (hand made pork ball, pork liver, lean pork slices) in bowl was fresh and clean tasting. They had stiffened a bit (my fault) because I took my time taking photos and chatting away 😂

I would love to have pork kidney as well but it was not available when we were there.

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

The hua tiow chiew added a bit of its signature taste and fragrance to the soup but it wasn't really my cup of tea. I prefer drinking the marvellous porky soup neat.

I drank the delicious soup to the very last drop. Just forgot to take a photo of the emptied bowl 😬

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

I like the savoury tangy sourish spicy chili which worked well, especially with the kway teow.

Like_Mee_Noodle_House_Mount_Austin_赞麵館 猪肉粉

If you like porky soupy noodles, you may also like Like Mee Noodle House at Mount Austin or their Johor Jaya branch.

I don't know the exact price of the meal as it was Janet's treat but it is in the slightly premium price range (compared to coffee shop).


Another of my favourite pork noodle shops in JB is Wang Xiang in Taman Sri Tebrau 👈 click


Written by Tony Boey on 2 July 2022

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  1. hi buddy. in terms of taste, how similar is this bowl of pork noodles compared to ooi's noodle house pork noodles @ ss15 subang jaya? thank you.


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