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Nanjing Impressions @ Plaza Singapura Orchard Road ● Salted Duck & Lion Head My Favourites

Wanted to try Nanjing Impressions @ Plaza Singapura and we were finally here 🕺

Restaurant name: Nanjing Impressions

Address: 68 Orchard Rd, #04-46, Singapore 238839 (restaurant inside Plaza Singapura)

Nearest MRT: At Dhoby Ghaut station

Tel: 6352 7877

Hours 11:00am - 3:00pm | 5:00pm - 9:30pm (no afternoon break on Sat & Sun)

You see, five years back, we were at the Nanjing Impressions flagship in Nanjing, and it was one of the most memorable moments of our trip. Nanjing Impressions has many outlets in China but only one overseas outpost - here in Plaza Singapura. (I feel we are very lucky - I tell you why.) So I have long been curious about how the food here tastes.

Stepping into the Plaza Singapura outlet did remind me of the Nanjing flagship.

Vintage paper lanterns, rustic dark wood furnishings, period background music (not really my taste though 😬 ), and staff in traditional outfit to recreate the old early 1900 Qing-era Nanjing street scene. 

We just need the dishes to complete the picture 🤭

First to arrive was the Lion Head. Well..., don't be scat (frightened)...., there is nothing lion about the Huaiyang lion head dish.

It's actually like a large, oversized unwrapped wanton. It is called a lion head because it looks like those balls of fur on a stone male lion's big bushy mane - you know those stone lions guarding buildings.

Oh.... I love Nanjing Impressions' lion head. I tried a few lion heads before in China and Taiwan, and Nanjing Impressions has my favourite one.
The pork and fat were meticulously hand chopped by a skilled chef true to Jiangsu tradition, not ground into minced meat by a meat grinder.

But, Nanjing Impressions' rendition is not for everyone.

The fat and lean meat ratio, leans more on the fatty side (that should frighten some people off 🤭 ). The fatty meaty ball is slow simmered in stock till it is fully cooked but still with a little visible pinkness.

Woohoo... the steamy hot meat ball was soft like tofu. The fat melted in the mouth to release fresh pork sweetness balanced with subtle savoury flavour. The meat ball did not make me feel jelak (bloated) at all.

This is addictive!

We had two and I suspect I ate most of them 🤭

Next, a chicken and biscuit dish known as 地锅鸡 "Mud Stove Chicken". This dish was created by fishermen of Weishan Lake near Xuzhou city. The fishermen would cook this dish on their fishing boats using a stove made with mud, hence the name.

The chicken stir fried in a savoury sauce was tender and tasted savoury with subtle chicken flavour almost imperceptible under the salty sauce.
But, the dish was even nicer when I ate the savoury chicken together with the sweet savoury biscuit. The sesame seed coated biscuit was slightly crisp chewy outside while inside it was spongy but firm. I enjoyed eating the sweet biscuits with the savoury chicken.

These look like noodles but they were actually finely julienned dried tofu. It's like al dente noodles but with a different mouth feel and taste.

The official name is "Cloud Fighting Dry Shreds" 😁

The fine slivers of julienned dried tofu were sat in a pool of savoury soup with subtle ginger heat.

Not as dainty, nor as sexy looking as their Din Tai Feng counterparts, these were Nanjing Impressions' signature Nanjing style roast duck and pork dumplings.

They were delicious. Savoury in layers complemented by savoury tangy flavour from the Zhejiang vinegar and ginger dip.

Victor and I couldn't resist reminiscing about the salted duck we had in Nanjing and Jiangsu province.
Oh man.... This was mind blowing.

The duck meat may look dry and dull in its drab light tea colour, but in the mouth, the flesh was moist and tender smooth almost like duck liver pate. No kidding. Only the subtle chewiness of the soft tender skin and crunchy cartilage reminded me that this was no pate.

I couldn't help myself from picking up more and more pieces of these delicious savoury salty duck 🤭

Rounding up with some sweets.

This was Mei Ling porridge, named after the first Republic of China First Lady, Soong Mei Ling.

It's quite likeable. Various grains cooked till soft and served in soya bean milk, chilled.

It felt comforting and I would have eaten more, if I weren't so full already 🤣

The Thousand Layer Oil Cake. 

They like to exaggerate - actually only 64 layers 🤭 Eat this while it is steaming hot and it will be soft and fluffy with a delightful gentle sweet fragrance.

The lion head and salted duck blew my mind, and I am still thinking about them now 🤣 Looks like it won't be long before I will be back to soothe those cravings and to try out more dishes at Nanjing Impressions 😋

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Written by Tony Boey on 27 Jul 2023


  1. Yes 👍 The shredded tofu is an excellent dish here 😉

  2. Thank you Uncle Tony for trying and recommending their 美龄粥 dessert!

    I can go to Nanjing Impressions restaurant (when in China) just to eat this 🤣 😋 ❤️

  3. Easily one of the best restaurants & with consistently good food in Singapore. My Nanjing friends also like to dine here 🥰

  4. Probably one of the most underrated Chinese restaurant around with very competitive prices. In fact you can get up to 30% off via the eatigo app. The tender tofu in shrimp sauce is a must have with white rice as well as the claypot cabbage with cured meat.

  5. Will check it out at your recommendation, Tony!

    They have lacklustre reviews but I trust you !


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