Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Parsia (Arabian and Iranian) Restaurant in Taman Universiti, Skudai, Johor

I have not tried Iranian food before and so when Amin the boss of Parsia Restaurant in Taman Universiti, invited me to try out his menu, I gladly accepted.

Parsia Restaurant is along Jalan Pendidikan 4 near Universiti Technologi Malaysia (UTM). The interior is spacious and decor was simple with a distinctive Iranian flavour and ambiance.

Iranian Food Restaurant Johor

Amin, who is from the historic city of Shiraz in Iran, told me that there are only two Iranian restaurants in Johor Bahru. The other one is Pomegranate Restaurant which is just across the street, opposite Parsia Restaurant.

Amin let us try some of Parsia Restaurant's popular dishes.

Iranian Lamb Shank Mandi

Parsia Restaurant's Iranian Parsia Mandi at RM26 is their signature dish and one of their top sellers. The shoulder lamb flesh had full bodied lamb flavour and it had just the right tender bite - not tough and not too soft.

I especially love this rich gravy as it was also full bodied and perfumed with herbs and spices. I can't help dipping those fries in the gravy as they were so delicious when eaten with this gravy.

Iranian Lamb Johor
Lamb Mandi at RM20 was tender and was full of smooth smothering lamb flavour.
Iranian Food

Inside the tender lamb, it was invitingly moist and juicy.

Iranian Food Chicken Johor

Chicken Mandi at RM14 was slightly crisp outside while inside it was juicy and tender. 

Iranian Lamb Kebab Johor

Tender, juicy and fragrant Kudideh kebab made with minced lamb at RM14.

Iranian Food Johor

The popular choice of chicken lovers, this chicken kebab at RM18.

Iranian Food Johor

Loghmeh kebab which is a combination of lamb and chicken at RM19. I like this combination as the richer flavours of lamb blended well with the relatively bland chicken. The juicer lamb also complemented the drier chicken giving the whole dish an interesting texture.

Basmati Rice Johor

All the Iranian mandi dishes are served with this fragrant Basmati rice. The long grain, nutty rice is boiled in soup made by boiling lamb bones. The rice grains were infused with the aroma of lamb and herbs. It may look fluffy and light yet it had full bodied taste and smothering flavours.

Iranian Food Johor

Many Iranians must have yogurt with their meals. This yogurt tastes very similar to cottage cheese, except that it is like very soft bean curd in texture. The motif on top is made with mint leaves.
Iranian Food Johor
Iranian Food Johor
Iranian food is eaten with lots of tangy and savoury dips and salads made with fresh lime, tomatoes, mint and herbs.
Iranian Food Johor
Amin told us that Iranians eat a lot of lime with their food. This is lime powder which is sprinkled on food in much the same way we in Malaysia and Singapore use chili powder. Adds zing to everything that it is peppered with.

Iran Berantin Drink Johor

We tried this Iranian fizzy drink with fruit flavours like peach and pomegranate. Interesting and pleasant, worth a try at RM4 each.

I enjoyed my first experience with Iranian food today. The meals were tasty and hearty with strong emphasis on full bodied flavours.

Iran Food Johor

Restaurant name: Parsia Restaurant
Address: 63-01, 64-01, Jalan Pendidikan 4, Taman Universiti, Skudai, Johor Bahru
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/dwA8d
GPS: 1.545076,103.629237
Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm

Date visited: 18 Dec 2012, 16 May 2013


  1. Hi restaurant owner, i was once travel all the way from jb town to your restaurant but i feel very disappointed because of your food choice is very very limited although the menu have variety choices of food but mostly are not available! my time of visit is around 630pm, and it was dinner hours, you should look into it!

    1. i am so sorry bro, i will check it
      thanks for your comment
      hope to give you the best service next time.
      but just for your information i must mention that as our foods are all fresh and made every morning and sometimes we are very busy by lunch, so sometimes most of the foods finish and the food choices got limited for dinner, i am sure if you come for lunch definetly you can have all of the menu foods
      best regards

  2. Hello!!! I would be happy if you share where I can find Iranian grocery store in Johor Bahru? Or maybe in your restaurant I can buy some such as salty cheese or salami.
    Thank you

  3. Hi Mr Amin,

    Your restaurant got any Ramadhan buffet promotion this year?

  4. I came to Parsia restaurant for lunch. As I was alone, I just ordered Chicken Mandi and 1 cold tea. I must said, it was very good, basmati rice and chicken. I will return with my friends for this scrumptious dish. Good luck!

    1. Ah... I have to visit again soon! Haven't been here for a while :-p

  5. does this restaurant serve naan cheese?
    i want the 0ne that the cheese is inside the naan.


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