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Wonderful Chocolate Cakes from Oh My Cakes (Online Bakeshop) in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I was at a home party and Bryan brought two of his Oh My Cakes (OMC) to the party. Oh my! the OMC chocolate cakes were simply awesome.

I was totally bowled over. The cakes were moist inside and the chocolate ganache was chocolaty, buttery creamy and silky smooth. The ganache's chocolate flavour was full bodied with a lovely bitter sweet taste. The ganache was not overly sweet, which is a common fault of average cakes. OMC chocolate cake is just better than any chocolate cake that I have tried so far, including higher end brand names. No kidding.

As usual, if I liked a food, I will swallow a lump of saliva and boldly approach the boss about his/her story and for permission to photograph them at work.

I asked Bryan if I could photograph him making his delectable creations. Bryan graciously agreed :)
Chocolate cakes Johor

Bryan is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef who worked a stint in a Sydney fine dining restaurant before returning to JB. Trained in French cuisine, baking is his passion.

Bryan uses these large, chunky dark chocolate to make his ganache.

Cubes of rich butter added to the chunks of chocolate.

I realised that making a tasty, silky smooth and rich ganache required a lot of strength and elbow grease.

Chocolate cakes Johor

Look at Bryan's focus as he crafted his chocolate cake, he looked just like a sculptor creating his work of art.

Everything in OMC chocolate cakes are made with natural ingredients, including their vanilla essence which Bryan makes with real vanilla pods.

If you want one of these droolicious chocolate cakes in JB, call Bryan at +6016-792-4999.

OMC chocolate cakes make great gifts. Bryan is offering his awesome 1 Kg chocolate cake at RM68 each.

Chocolate Cakes Johor
Presently, Bryan's yummy cakes are available for self collect only at 5, Jalan Permas 16/2, Bandar Baru Permas Jaya, Johor Bahru. Call Bryan at +6016-792-4999 and order two days in advance.


  1. looks great! creamy and smooth and dense chocolate cakes are best!

  2. Looks amazing! I would love to try some.

  3. The cake is great. It's like no other that I've tasted in JB.
    And I mean no other cake shop's chocolate cake taste as rich and creamy.

  4. is it halal? just by looking at the picture makes my mouth watering..

    1. Not certified Halal and no pork, no lard used.

  5. Tried it...service v good but cake not as good as what we thought...still can't beat the ever famous lana cake thats been around over 20 yrs 30yrs? and the awfully choc cakes in singapore who was rumoured that the owner used to work for lana cake shop! These 2 has the best moist plain choc cakes ever!

    1. I've tried Awfully Chocolate. Will try Lana Cakes as soon as possible.

  6. Less than satisfactory grade of chocolate used which was a pity as the cake itself would have been great if he had used good chocolate.


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