Sunday, 28 April 2013

Sarawak Market in Johor Bahru (Pasar Borneo)


I didn't know there is a Sarawak market in Johor Bahru until Rajan the owner of Original Sarawak Kolomee showed it to me. Thanks, Rajan! (Sarawak market is also know as Tamu Dayak or Pasar Borneo.)

At first look, there is nothing really spectacular about this little market. It's actually just a small car park ringed by shop houses, many selling Sarawak food, including Rajan's Kolomee shop. But, on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, this car park becomes a street market with many vendors selling Sarawak food.

And so, this unique market is special, especially for Sarawakians. Sarawakians from all over Johor Bahru, and even Singapore come here for Sarawak vegetables and hometown foods.

Here's some pictures I took of the market on a Saturday afternoon.


This lady was doing a brisk business selling dabai (Sarawak Olive) which is a seasonal fruit. Dabai is cooked in warm water and Sarawakians like to eat them either with salt or with black soya sauce mixed with sugar.


Huge bamboo shoots.


Live mangrove crabs.


Sayur midin or bidin, a wild jungle fern unique to Sarawak.


I love to eat this crunchy Sarawak vegetable boiled and fried in sambal belacan or simply stir fried with oyster and soya sauce.

I am not a Sarawakian but I will be here once in a while to satisfy my craving for Sarawak specialities such as sayur midin. I also need to come back for the sago worms which I missed during my visit.

Sarawak Market (Pasar Borneo)
Address: Jalan Bayan 37, Taman Megah Ria, Masai, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.498266,103.856538
Hours: 12:00noon to 7:00pm Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday

Date visited: 6 Dec 2012

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  1. For your information, those are not black coloured berries but dabai (Sarawak Olive) which is a seasonal fruit. The fruits are cooked in warm water and Sarawakian like to eat either with salt or with black soya sauce mixed with sugar. 1 kilo cost as much as RM40.00 during the starting season.

    1. Thank you for the info. I have adjusted the post. Appreciate your help :)

  2. Although it opens at 12 noon, but better go at 3pm. It is unlike those open market you seee in SG or overseas, the people in this market only beginning to setup at around 12 noon. So the market will be fully ready at around 3pm.

    Another point to note, 12:00 noon in really really very hot at this place.

  3. Thanks for the great post, and bekool66, thanks for the additional information. My wife and I went to the market today; no sayur midin, but lots of sayur paku. We had a great time!


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