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Johor Zhi Char - Ah Meng Restaurant in JB 阿明家乡小炒 for Nice, Simple Teochew Homecooked Dishes


This was my second visit at Restoran Ah Meng which I passed by several times before. Ah Meng is clearly popular with locals as the restaurant tucked away in a corner of Taman Iskandar is always crowded during lunch and dinner.


Restaurant name: Ah Meng restaurant 阿明家乡小炒
Address: 38, Jalan Sultanah Aminah, Taman Iskandar, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.491354,103.786178
Hours: 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight (closed on Tuesday)
Non Halal


Ah Meng's decor is very basic and clean. Both of my visits were for very simple, light meals as Ah Meng remains open during the off peak hours. So, it is a good place to catch some good food between 2pm and 5pm. In Johor, finding good food between 2pm to 5pm can be difficult as most restaurants take a break after lunch and open again later for dinner.

San Lou bee hoon RM10 for two persons

During our second visit, we again ordered Ah Meng's San Lou bee hoon 三楼炒米粉 which is one of their most popular dishes. Ah Meng is the son-in-law of Ah Kaw, the reputed inventor of San Lou bee hoon. Ah Meng is one place where the cooking is still personally done by the owner-chef.

The San Lou bee hoon was nicely dry and slightly crisp on the outside while inside, it is slightly softer and moist with the stock. There were some charred portions on the outside, evidence of good wok hei 镬气. San Lou bee hoon has to be eaten while it is still hot as it is oily and the oil becomes greasy when it cools down.

Ah-Meng-Restaurant-JB 阿明家乡小炒

San Lou bee hoon is eaten with sambal chili. Not too spicy and slightly savoury from a little dried shrimps.

Petai fried in sambal RM12 for two persons

Petai is one of my favourite vegetables and is reputed to be good for detoxification. I would order a petai dish whenever it is available. Ah Meng executed this simple dish excellently. The still crunchy and fleshy petai beans were tossed in sambal with onions and fried anchovy. The flavours were a blend of savoury, mildly spicy yet the bitter and unique taste of petai beans that earned it's name "stinky beans" were still evident. I love this dish.

Stir fried pea shoots RM8

As we were detoxing, we ordered this pea shoots (dou miao 豆苗) stir fried in garlic. Nicely crunchy and juicy in a savoury sauce.


I am pleased with what we had during our two visits. Am looking for a chance to come to Ah Meng to try out a wider selection of his menu including the traditional Teochew dessert or nee 芋泥 (sweet yam paste).

Dates visited: 19 Jul 2012, 11 Sep 2013

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  1. Harbour3 says : nice choice

    1. Yes, I shall try more dishes here in the future.

  2. Hi Tony,

    There are 2 posts on Ah Meng's. One in Taman Molek and this in Taman Iskandar. Are these 2 different restaurants or has the one in Taman Molek move to Taman Iskandar.



    1. Hi Chris, they are completely different restaurants serving different menu by two different, unrelated owners. Thanks ;-D

  3. So interesting.. Thanks for such a detailed primer on hairy crab!

  4. Why do you say that they are different and unrelated?he restaurants are related as far as I know.They are sisters. Ah Law's daughters. They have nearly the same menu. No offence just that I patronize whichever place I happen to be nearby. Thx


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