Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Johor Coconut in a Lorry on Taman Pelangi


In tropical Johor, nothing is better than cold fresh coconut juice in beating the often sweltering heat. Fortunately for JB folks, there are street side coconut stalls offering instant relief from the scorching sun at an affordable price. My foodie buddy Kumes showed me his regular coconut lorry in Taman Pelangi. He has been getting his coconut fix from this lorry stall for over a decade.


Restaurant name: Borong Kelapa Pandan (street side, lorry back)
Address: 71, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi (just outside Thong Yee Thong reflexology centre), Johor Bahru
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/UYvXn
GPS: 1.483533,103.775386
Hours: 12:00noon to 10:00pm (but often sold out by 6:00pm)
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert


The coconuts on display on a simple makeshift wooden stand waiting for customers.


Besides those coconuts on display, there are plenty more at the back of the lorry.


Place your order at RM3 for a coconut and go back to your plastic chair and flimsy folding table by the roadside. The worker will open the chilled coconut with a couple of quick slashes and deliver the neatly opened coconut to you in a minute :)


Both of these coconuts are the same price (RM3:00) though they look like big and small brothers. Kumes said we can choose the particular coconut that we want, if we are concerned about the size. In the end, size didn't really matter because both coconuts have about the same volume of coconut juice :)


The precious chilled sweet nectar - good to the last drop. We really enjoyed this.


I love scrapping the pearly white and creamy coconut flesh off the inside of the coconut. The flesh of the bigger coconut was a little harder while that from the smaller one was smoother and more tender. I had to literary dig the flesh off the bigger coconut while the meat of the smaller coconut come off like fine shavings when I scrapped it with the spoon. Both types of flesh are enjoyable in different ways.


The workers were super friendly. This pose was completely unplanned and spontaneous. I was making my request in painfully intelligible Bahasa but the workers instantly understood and obliged cheerfully. Made my day :) Terima Kasih Bang!

Date visited: 20 Oct 2013

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