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Tangkak Beef Noodles in Kluang (Kuang Fei), Johor


Updated Dec 2019. Before I made my recent trip to Kluang, I asked Johor Kaki Facebook page followers for recommendations on what to eat in Kluang.

A reader suggested that I try the Tangkak Beef noodle shop in Kluang as it is "better than the original in Tangkak". I was intrigued by this comment. I passed by the Tangkak Beef noodle shop in Kluang a few times before but never stopped to try it as I figured that it should be similar to the original in Tangkak itself (which I liked).

With this suggestion, I stopped at the Tangkak Beef noodle shop in Kluang during one of my trips to KL.

Besides the original shop in Tangkak which is still run by the founder, the Tangkak Beef brand has three other branches - a shop in KL (operated by the founder's daughter), Malacca (by eldest son) and here in Kluang (run by second son).

When I entered the noodle shop in Kluang, I found the busy shop very well kept and was thus surprised when the lady boss told me that they have been here for over ten years.


Back in Tangkak, the cooking is handled by the young boss and the founder, so I was a little surprised to see a team of young foreign workers manning the kitchen at the front. They were very friendly and cheerful - a happy team.


They handled the cooking expertly. The lady boss said that the workers have been with the shop for many years.

One of the factors of success at Tangkak Beef noodles is their supply chain and their intimate knowledge of beef. The lady boss handles the purchasing of cows directly from local farmers. She also manages this beef noodle shop while the boss (her husband) is the butcher at the local fresh meat market.

And now, the taste test.

Tangkak Beef Noodles RM7.50 for large size.

Don't you find this bowl of beef soup wholesome? Appearance wise, the dark tea coloured herbal broth looks quite similar to the original in Tangkak.


The soup is more beefy than herbal with a slight presence of oil.


Tangkak Beef serves only the soup version. We have a choice of yellow noodles, bee hoon, kway teow or lai fun - we opted for lai fun which is a thick rice noodle. Average, a little limp.


The pieces of tender beef were cut quite big. But, personally, I prefer it even chunkier and thicker - like the size of a man's thumb. With a bigger size, I can feel the oozing beefy juices even better when I bite into the chunk of soft spongy meat. 


Fresh, tangy spicy chili sauce is my usual dip.


Though I don't eat my beef with vinegar, I could see that it's a must have for many people.

If you are in Kluang, give the Tangkak Beef here a try.

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Restaurant name: Tangkak Beef
Address: #5, Jalan Langsat, Kluang, Johor
GPS: 2.037137,103.319731
Tel019-778 1880
Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 10 Sep 2013

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  1. for whatever reason, i find the taste here is better than that of Tangkak . for the past many years, my family always makes a point to have a bowl before leaving Kluang. i find it better than other shops such as those in Kulai and JB. understand , taste is personal. unfortunately, the price of a bowl has been increasing steadily over the years :-( :-(


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