Saturday, 26 October 2013

Johor Ayam Penyet at LC Catering in Taman Melodies in JB


While looking for the best ayam penyet, I realised that there are many ways to fry a good chicken leg! And, each style has it's own appeal. LC Catering's style of ayam penyet has it's fans - I like it too :)


Restaurant name: LC Catering
Address: 340, Jalan Balau 1 (off Jalan Tebrau), Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.490226,103.766871
Hours: 10:00am to 3:00am


At LC Catering, the fried chicken is not battered and there are no fried crummy bits scattered around. The fresh chicken leg precooked in coconut juice is deep fried without batter and skin, when there is an order.

The skinless leg is fried till golden brown and forms a stiff crisp outer layer. Overall, the meat is fairly dry though there is still some moisture remaining inside. As you can see, there is hardly any excess oil on the chicken leg - a plus point.

The chicken's flavours were slight. I ripped the quite dry meat easily off the bones and scooped sambal chili with it much like the way we eat keropok or French fries. The outer layer is a little stringy. Personally, I find this style likeable and there are other people who prefer this over others.


The sambal chili is a key element in the ayam penyet set. The sambal was pulpy, tangy from fresh limes, mildly spicy for my tastebuds and slightly savoury from the belacan (dried fermented shrimps).

The sides of fried tempeh and toufu were average. The greens were fresh with my favourites of crunchy kacang botol, long beans and a stalk of fragrant leafy green.

This ayam penyet is understated and free of frills, and charming because of that.


You can have a choice of local white rice or upgrade to this premium biryani rice.


I opted for this nasi serai which is premium grade rice cooked with fragrant lemongrass. The ayam penyet nasi serai set costs RM8.50.


LC Catering is clean, spacious and airy. There is also an air conditioned section.

->> The place for dry and crispy fried chicken with "power" sambal chili.

Date visited: 24 Oct 2013

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