Sunday, 6 October 2013

Johor Chicken Rice - Guangxi Style Chicken Rice 广西白切鸡 at Sam Kong 三江 Restaurant in Johor Bahru

Mr. Yong, the boss at Sam Kong restaurant, invited me to try their Guangxi Three Treasures 广西三宝.

I was really excited that Guangxi chicken rice is one of the Guangxi Three Treasures (the other two are Guangxi stuffed toufu and braised belly pork). Good chicken rice is not that common in Johor Bahru. Even more rare is Guangxi style chicken rice as most chicken rice here are either in the Hainanese or Cantonese style.

Guangxi Chicken Rice RM22 for half RM40 for whole bird.

Guangxi chicken is poached in the same way as Hainanese or Cantonese chicken. The same smooth, tender, juicy and naturally sweet flavours of fresh chicken. At Sam Kong, the chicken is chopped into small bite size pieces in the same way as the chicken rice stalls in JB and Singapore. The chicken is drizzled with a soy and sesame oil based sauce. Mr. Kong said that the traditional Guangxi way is to chop the chicken into just a few large pieces. LOL actually I prefer to eat chicken by tearing it apart in large pieces.


This is nam, the sauce that differentiates Guangxi chicken rice from all others. The sauce is a complex blend of fried garlic and onions, parsley, chopped ginger, spring onions, Chinese chives, dark soy sauce, and sesame oil. Nam is savoury and fragrant, and really enhances the natural sweetness of poached chicken.


The chicken is eaten with the savoury and fragrant nam (dip). This is a unique and delicious way of eating tender poached chicken other than with the usual chili, ginger and soy sauce dips. Eating chicken with nam is a must try.

Mr. Yong said that the traditional way is to drench and smother the chopped chicken with the nam. Next time, I shall ask to eat my Guangxi chicken in the old fashioned way.


For those of us who still want our chili sauce, Sam Kong's fresh ground chili sauce is very good too. The dip tastes hot and tangy as it is made with fresh chili pepper, ginger, lime and lime peels. It's a great dip for the chicken.

However, Guangxi chicken rice is not served with soup unlike the Hainanese or Cantonese style.

Guangxi Toufu RM8

Well, in place of the soup, we can separately order the Guangxi toufu which comes with a savoury soup made with anchovies and soy beans.

Guangxi chicken rice is served with plain steamed white rice (not the oily flavoured rice eaten with Hainanese or Cantonese chicken).

Give Sam Kong's Guangxi chicken rice a try for a change in style from the usual.


Restaurant name: Sam Kong Restaurant 三江
Address: 8-H, Jalan Ungku Mohsin, Kampung Ungku Mohsin, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.514005,103.740173
Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm (Monday closed)
Non Halal

Date visited: 14 May 2013, 16 Jul 2013


  1. Im craving for one nasi ayam hainan like this, please ayam hainan. im so desperate to try one i was thinking of bringing a halal-chicken and ask for the uncle to cook it. Would it be weird? sorry please would anyone point me if there is a halal one?

    1. En Muhammad salam sejahtera, I cook Hainan Chicken Rice for my kids. I prefer to select the healthy type broiler, and my kids are partial to basmathi rice, hence my offer for you to discuss with me. 0125794385. Prem.

    2. On the topic of Hainan Chicken Rice, there is a stall in a coffee shop located at junction of Lorong Betik / Jln Dato Muthuthambi, Off Jln Bertingkat Skudai, Taman Tampoi, 81200. The stall operator commences about 8:45am and runs out of food about 2:15pm. It's non-halal. I'd rate it 8.9 out of 10.


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