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Lantaw Native Restaurant Busay Cebu Philippines

I've been to Cebu twice so far and both times I was brought to Lantaw Native Family Restaurant in Busay for dinner. Both times, Lantaw was full house - so it is best to make a reservation, if you plan to dine here. It's a favourite choice to entertain visitors and for private celebrations from romantic dates to rowdy parties.

Lantaw Native Busay Restaurant is located on a windy hilltop about 30 minutes drive from Cebu City. The winding road was nicely paved but it was narrow and some parts had steep inclines and sharp bends. We had to change over to small cars to get up to the hilltop restaurant.

Lantaw, in the local Visayan dialect, means “to view” or “to gaze”. From Lantaw in Busay on a clear day, we can view the sprawling Cebu City below and the surrounding islands such as Mactan and Bohol.


When you step into Lantaw restaurant, you will be greeted by this icon of Philippines daily life, the colourful ubiquitous jeepney.


The main dining area is like a large pavilion with a high wood ceiling.


The main dining hall was comfortable but most diners prefer to sit in the breezy open terrace.

The outside terrace offers one of the best views in Cebu and is especially popular on clear days/ nights to see Cebu City and the islands of Mactan and Bohol.


The enthusiastic staff at Lantaw were mainly young, cheerful and were very friendly.

Our hosts from the Philippines Department of Tourism ordered a variety of Filipino local favourites from Lantaw's extensive menu for us to try.


Lechon Kawali.

Lechon Kawali is similar to sio bak (Chinese roast belly pork) in cut and texture but with a milder marinade. The crispy skin was done a little stiff and hard.


Crispy Pata.

Similar to pork knuckle but with milder flavours.


Thick grilled meaty Tuna belly.

Grilled with a savoury marinade, the meat was fibrous and most of the natural flavours of the fish were dried up by the grilling.

Huge chunks of Tuna and Swordfish either grilled or cooked in a soup are commonly found in Cebu eateries.


Sauteed prawns (shelled).


Baked scallops.

Topped with fried garlic which overpowered the natural flavours of the scallop.


Sizzling Sisig.

Sauteed diced pork and vegetables dressed with a raw egg.

I also photographed some of the other customers' food to show you what is available at Lantaw. I am not too sure what some of the dishes were.


Vegetables in gravy.


Stir fried calamari rings.


Not sure what was in the large green coconut.


The food at Lantaw may merely be competent but it was a good introduction to the well known Filipino classics. The hilltop location with a panoramic view of Cebu City, makes Lantaw Native Restaurant in Busay a must visit for every guest of Cebu.

Cebu has many unique and interesting local dishes which I hope to come back for - there is so much more to discover and enjoy.


My trip to Cebu was arranged by OMY Sg, and sponsored by Philippines Department of Tourism and SilkAir.


SilkAir flies daily between Singapore and Cebu.

Restaurant: Lantaw Native Family Busay Restaurant 
AddressBusay, Cebu, Philippines
Hours: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm
Tel:  032 511 0379
Non Halal

Date visited: 9 Nov 2014

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