Sunday, 8 February 2015

Club Meatballs Singapore and The Entertainer App

I was invited to a tasting at Club Meatballs in China Square Central in Singapore.


I was a little early and while waiting for the others to arrive, I already fell in love with the vibes at Club Meatballs. This place got all the good right vibes for partying ;-D

The techno style music in the background was quite loud while the cheerful banter and laughter could be heard above that. There were lots of roving bodies; hovering guests, wearing smiles with glass in hand and wait staff moving swiftly between them with their orders.

And, this buzz spilling onto the walkway outside on a Tuesday evening. I wonder what's it like on weekends.


Chef Albert from Spain was busy the whole evening with a full house of guests. Everything at Club Meatballs are made in house by Chef Albert and his team. 

Peeping into the kitchen, I could see the team frenziedly churning, chopping, squeezing and throwing up flames, stewing meatballs in shallow pans.

Here's what we had.


Pulled pork, chili and purple slaw sliders (SGD13++).

Love these bite sized mini burgers. Tender flavourful pulled pork between sweetish buns.


Wagyu beef, gorgonzola and onion marmalade sliders (SGD14).

Dense and heavy house made wagyu beef balls with intensely savoury gorgonzola cheese melt.


Huevos con chorizo.

Crushed omelette with chorizo eaten with slices of toasted ciabatta.


"Huevos con Chorizo" in Spanish means "eggs with sausages". Chorizo is a spicy Spanish pork sausage. Huevos con Chorizo is Spanish comfort food eaten for brekky, lunch and dinner. It's best eaten by cutting and randomly mixing all the ingredients like eggs, sausage slices, chili peppers and cilantro together.

Reminds me of the swirls, twirls and intense colours and flavours of the flamboyant flamenco dance. 


Sobrassada and gorgonzola brushetta (SGD10.50++).

The sobrassada is a spicy pork mince eaten with savoury gorgonzola cheese set on a crispy, crusty toast.


From intensely savoury, meaty dishes to something sweet, tangy and nutty.

Ricotta, mango, walnuts and honey bruschetta (SGD9++).

Next, the main dishes.

What else, but..... meatballs :-D

At Club Meatballs, we choose the type of meatballs we like and then choose the topping, followed by selecting the carb base below.

Ordering is quite straightforward, really.


Here we had wagyu beef and rosemary balls, doused with onion and red wine sauce, and set on a soft bed of mashed potato 

The wagyu beef balls were ping pong ball sized. The minced wagyu beef balls were quite dense and compacted. It had a nice, familiar blend of beefy and rosemary flavours.

The house made mash potato was heavy, smooth and quite filling.


Next we had Iberico pork balls, topped with fennel and salsa verde laid on a bed of fresh papardelle pasta (SGD19.50++).

Time for desserts.


Lemon meringue with caramelised pineapple cubes and crushed pistachios (SGD12++).

Nice mix of tangy, sweet and nutty flavours with creamy and crunchy textures.


White chocolate cheesecake with almond crumble and berries (SGD12++).

Generally, the flavours at Club Meatballs were strong, be it sweet, savoury or salty.

To wash it all down, Club Meatballs has a well stocked bar of wines, beers, liquor, cocktails and coffee. 


My Espresso Martini. 

A blend of ⅓ single origin coffee bean of the day, ⅓ kahlua and ⅓ vodka. Kicked 3 times by the espresso, kahlua and vodka all in different ways. 




Club Meatballs is one of the over 750+ Singapore restaurants, hotels and others that honour "The Entertainer App".


The "The Entertainer App" lets you enjoy "buy 1 get 1 free" deals at participating restaurants. For example, when you have a wagyu meatball mains and your companion orders the Iberico meatballs, you only need to pay for your wagyu meatballs.


If you haven't got "The Entertainer App 2015" yet, you can download and purchase it from iTunes or Play Store at SGD60 (early bird offer).

If you use my promo code 2015JOHOR, you will get an additional 10% discount off SGD60 (early bird offer). Early bird and 10% discount are valid till 28 Feb 2015.


Club Meatballs is a good place to party and chill. You get a even better deal with The Entertainer App ;-D

Restaurant name: Club Meatballs
Address: China Square Central, 20 Cross St #01-35 (Chinatown), Singapore
Hours: 11:00am to 12:00 midnight

Non Halal

Date visited: 3 Feb 2015

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  1. Hmm..I heard the meatballs are quite dry and not really that fantastic.

    1. yeah being dense and compacted does give the meatballs a slightly dry feel... not overly dry to me but I think a bit softer would be perfect for most people...


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