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Nimman Soi 9 Thai Hawker Stall in Tampines

We gathered at Nimman Soi 9 stall in Tampines BLK 139 (near Tampines Round Market).

Nimmam Soi 9 is really a hidden gem in that the tiny stall is at a far inside corner of a coffee shop and behind a pillar. But, Thai food fans in Singapore know where to find this.

Nimman Soi 9's owner Khun Pamakham hails from Chiang Mai in north Thailand - everyone calls the lady boss, Jane. She used to run the popular Jane's Thai Food at Orchard Towers before moving here in Bedok, then Tampines after OT night spots were shut down last year.

Jane's Nimmam Soi 9 is an authentic hawker stall in that Jane actually prepares and cooks her food at her stall. Jane has been cooking and selling food for over 35 years. Support our hawkers to keep our hawker culture alive 🙏

Our freshly fried seafood "doughnuts" are coming 😋 They were actually tod mun koong or prawn fritters. 

But, there's a lot more than prawns... . Jane's version of tod mun koong has prawn, fish, squid, and spices. Freshly fried, it was slightly crisp outside while inside it was moist and tender. Flavours were gently savoury sweet with mild tasting spice.

(Note: As Jane may not make tod mun koong everyday, suggest calling 📞 8032 0887 to check before going to her stall 🙏 )

Sai ua or northern Thai style pork sausage. Jane doing sai ua literally, as sai means intestine and ua means stuff.

(Note: As Jane may not make sai ua everyday, suggest calling 📞 8032 0887 to check before going to her stall 🙏 )

Freshly deep fried sai ua.

Slightly more robust herb and spice taste than the tod mun koong (prawn cake) which complemented the minced pork sweetness.

Pla sam rod, like an ikan tiga rasa. Sourish sweet spicy savoury sauce and vegetables poured over very well deep fried sea bass. The fried fish was crisp outside, while the tender white meat was moist inside. Jane's fried fish didn't have the typical earthly taste of farmed sea bass.

Yum woon sen, love the things Thais do with glass noodles / mung bean noodles or tung hoon. This was tossed with blanched fresh squid, prawn, minced pork, aromatics and a sourish spicy savoury sauce.

The soft spongy glass noodles soak up and infused the flavours from the sauce, seafood and pork.

Moo kratiem, fried lean pork slices smothered in crisp fried garlic bits.

The fried lean pork was tender chewy, a little dry, flat savoury with a bit of bitter taste and "pung" aroma from fried garlic.

The iconic pad Thai, Thai style fried rice noodles with tamarind, palm sugar, fish sauce, chives, bean sprouts, tofu, egg, prawns, crushed toasted peanuts, etc.

Never my cup of tea as I don't like sour and sweet taste profile 😬 But, lots of people like my makan kaki² love this and this is the national dish of Thailand 🇹🇭

Little coffee shop hawker stall with a restaurant size nearly 40-dish menu, with the chef-owner personally cooking. A good place for affordable Thai cuisine in Singapore. One of the high points of the Singapore hawker scene.

Stall name: Nimman Soi 9 Thai

Address: Block 139, Tampines Street 11, #01-08, Singapore 521139

Nearest MRT: 15 minutes walk from Tampines West station

Tel: 8032 0887

Hours: Lunch & dinner 11:00am - 9:30pm


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Written by Tony Boey on 2 Apr 2024

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  1. Went there specifically for our favourite sai ua but we were disappointed when told there’s none. Ordered some dishes since already there and they all tasted normal. I tasted much better Thai food elsewhere locally. Really waste of my time. Feel so cheated

  2. Choi Stacy sorry to hear about your experience. I shall update the post to suggest calling to order the sai ua first. Thank you for your comment


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