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Unboxing & First Look at HONOR Magic 6 Pro • Foodie & Wanderlust Junkie's Best Friend

✍️ 26 Apr 2024. Just received my greatly anticipated Honor Magic 6 Pro, Honor's flagship launched last month (March 2024). Honor Magic 6 Pro retails in Singapore at SGD$1399.

I got the green 🍏 colour version. The other colour is black.

Truth be told, I was initially ambivalent about Honor Magic 6 Pro's huge camera bump but it grew on me day by day.


Now, I love how it looks! Quite classy actually.

Honor Magic 6 Pro's trinity of rear cameras. 

A 50mp wide angle (24mm) for general shooting, and a 50mp ultra wide (13mm) for landscapes during travels.

The 50mp wide angle shooter comes with motion sensing AI to capture fast moving subjects like sports and children playing. It also features mechanical, physical apertures of f1.4 and f2.0 for real bokeh.


The Honor Magic 6 Pro scored 158 points in the respected DXOMARK's rigorous test regime, making it rank #1 in the trusted DXOMARK phone camera ranking.

The 2.5x optical zoom 180mp, bazooka of a camera, just makes me drool. 

I shoot my food mostly at 2x zoom and higher, so this camera will be my main shooter for food hunting trips.

At 2.5x zoom, it is equivalent to 68mm which is also ideal for portrait shooting.

For selfies / wefies, Honor Magic 6 Pro sports a 50mp camera paired with a 3D time of flight depth sensing camera.

Honor Magic 6 Pro's cameras have everything I need for my travels and food hunting. I travel light, so I am happy to have everything I need in my pocket with Honor Magic 6 Pro 🕺

Google Mobile Services is native in the Honor Magic 6 Pro. Everything ran perfectly and smoothly when I tested my favourite Google apps. This is critical for me as most of my work are done on Google apps from blogger (blogspot), to docs to slides, etc.

I like it that Honor Magic 6 Pro has that "double knock on screen" to take a screen shot feature - one of my favourite Huawei features. This phone can even take a screenshot by using a "hand grabbing" gesture thanks to its 3D depth sensing front camera. It can literally take a screengrab by grabbing 😄 So cool!

Honor Magic 6 Pro runs on the latest Magic OS 8 software (based on Android 14) and powered by newest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor.

The screen edge is curved all round. I personally prefer curved screen edges as I find them more comfortable to hold in my palm compared to flat edge screens.

In my hand, the 225 gram phone feels well balanced.

The card tray ejector pin.

Clear plastic casing for my new makan kaki (foodie buddy), I mean camera always eats first before everyone isn't it? 🤭

Glad that the Singapore version comes with charger and type C cable.

And, it's a 100W monster, the biggest charger I ever had 😂  The Magic 6 Pro comes with a giant 5600mAh battery that can last a full day and night of shooting with capacity to spare, but having the assurance of a 100W supercharger in the bag won't hurt any kiasu Singaporean like me 🤭

Plenty of power and storage at 20GB ram and 512GB rom. I shoot well over 1,000 shots a day during trips 😬 Shoot first without fear (of running out of memory) and sort out later 😄

This Honor Magic 6 Pro will be my primary phone and shooter from now and I will be sharing with you my daily experience with it on Johorkaki Facebook page and Johorkaki Instagram. This phone has many, many more capabilities and features which I am excited to discover day by day.

Disclosure: My Magic 6 Pro phone was provided by HONOR Singapore

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Written by Tony Boey on 26 Apr 2024


  1. Sounds so good for photography! I read through the blog, waiting to see sample photos....Guess got to wait.

  2. Hehe looks like leaf wrapping of many delicious local food too


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