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Vietnamese Fried Banana Fritter Goreng Pisang @ 529 Ang Mo Kio Jia Yi Premium 家義美食

After breakfast, Aaron said "I need to get .... for my wife". I couldn't make out what he mumbled but just went along anyways.

My mind still wasn't in gear despite the quite good fish ball noodle breakfast which I will blog later.

Oh.... goreng pisang.... I realised when we got here at BLK 529 Ang Mo Kio.

Jia Yi fried fritters stall has all the usual suspects of yu cha kway, butterfly fritter, goreng pisang, etc.

Aaron bought a whole bagful of half dozen and gave me a half to try.

Man... I was mind blown.

I mean, I have been to Vietnam enough times the last two decades but haven't tried Vietnamese style fried banana fritter or chuối chiên?

How come!? 🤔

Vietnamese fried banana fritter is quite unlike the Singapore / Malaysia pisang goreng.

In the Vietnamese way, the peeled banana is flatten then dunked into a flour batter. It is then oil fried till crisp, golden brown outside.

Because it is flatten, the banana pulp tends to melt and fuses with the batter. The batter is relatively thick, so it felt crackly crisp outside while inside it was chewy and moist with molten banana (especially when hot). It tastes just gently of banana sweetness with a subtle sweet banana fragrance. Shiok.

This was just my first Vietnamese fried banana and I love it. There could be better ones out there in Singapore, but this is the only one I know now.

And, the next time I am in Vietnam, chuối chiên or fried banana fritter Vietnamese style will be on my food hunting list.

Meanwhile, get my craving fixed at Jia Yi (lady boss hails from Vietnam).

Can you recommend me other Vietnamese fried banana fritters stall in Singapore?


Stall name: Jia Yi Premium 家義美食

Address: 529 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, Singapore 560529

Nearest MRT: 10 minutes walk from Ang Mo Kio station

Hours: 5am - 1pm


Vietnamese Fried Banana Fritter

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