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Gift Tilapia Restaurant in Seremban Malaysia 鱼色生香 芙蓉山水青非洲鱼

I am not a big fan of tilapia, especially the "green" variety because of it's earthly taste. But, I do like the texture of tilapia flesh and would be happy to try shops that are able to manage the "earthly, muddy" taste well.

So, when I heard that Gift Tilapia Restaurant 鱼色生香 in Seremban which raises their own tilapia using quality fish feed, and so their fish tastes sweet instead of earthly, I decided to give it a try. Gift Tilapia's farm also uses natural Seremban hill spring water 芙蓉山水 which helped keep the "earthly" taste down.

The "green" tilapia 青非洲 (翡翠鱼) were kept alive in large plastic blue tanks in the kitchen, and were stunned by tossing it in ice water just before preparation.


The green tilapia can be cooked in a variety of different ways at Gift Tilapia Restaurant, but broadly it's either steamed or grilled.


As I was afraid that the "green" tilapia might have unpleasant earthly tastes, I ordered just one steamed version with chili padi to try.


The fish turned out to be very delicious.


The white flesh was tender yet firm, and separated from the bones easily.

The flavour was sweet. There was still very slight tilapia taste but it was very gentle and of a pleasant clean tasting kind.


We ate up every bit of flesh on the tilapia.

Oh... do be extra careful as the tilapia is a very bony fish. (Hazardous, especially for children and old folks.)


After the first steamed tilapia, we were happy enough to order a second one - this time, the grilled version.


The same tilapia fish was grilled in a dark savoury sweet sauce.


Same tender, firm white flesh and nice sweetness with very mild tilapia flavour.

The black savoury sauce used with the grilled tilapia was more assertive than that used in the steamed version. Since the tilapia tasted so good, I prefer the steamed version that introduces less extra flavourings to the natural tilapia taste.

Total bill for the two fish with rice came to RM47.


Gift Tilapia Restaurant is inside the quiet, laid back residential area Taman Bunga Blossom 梅岭山庄.


If you are a fresh fish or tilapia lover, Gift Tilapia is worth a try if you are visiting Seremban. It's a simple bare bones restaurant with basic furnishing, but the tilapia here is worth checking out.

Next time, I shall try the salt baked and sambal grilled tilapia, and also their own farm raised prawns.

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Restaurant name: Gift Tilapia Restaurant 鱼色生香
Address: 11, Jalan Merbok 6/1,Taman Bunga Blossom Seremban, Malaysia
Hours: Mon - Wed: 11:00am - 2:30pm | 5:30pm - 11:00pm | Fri - Sun: 11:00am - 2:30pm | 5:30pm - 11:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 28 Jan 2015

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