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Brunch 2 Wine. Bottle & Glass @ Vantage Bay. Stulang Johor Bahru


Last night, we visited Brunch 2 Wine located at Vibe @ Vantage Bay along Jalan Ibrahim Sultan (Stulang), the seaside strip facing the Johor Straits and Woodlands (Singapore) on the other side. Brunch 2 Wine at Vibe @ Vantage Bay is Johor Bahru's newest fine dining destination for romantic dinners and special occasions.


If Brunch 2 Wine sounds familiar to you, it's actually by the same owners of Brunch to Wine in Taman Molek but upscaled in many dimensions. From a neighbourhood shop lot restaurant, Brunch 2 Wine at Vantage Bay aspires to be JB's top fine dining destination - and, it has every potential to attain that. 

(Vantage Bay is just 5 minutes from JB CIQ and less than RM10 by taxi.) 


The spacious dining room is elegantly furnished, features plush seats and beautifully designed. It is very comfortable and perfect for romantic meals.


There are also private rooms for more intimate gatherings.


We started with Brunch 2 Wine's signature mushroom soup with truffle essence - price RM33++.

We enjoyed the dense, grainy, creamy blend of fresh mushrooms with the crispy browned buttered toast. The soup has layers of gentle savouriness from different types of mushrooms in the blend with a touch of truffle from the essence.


Foie Gras - price RM75++.

Pan seared duck foie gras (liver) with runny onsen egg and caramelised morel (mushroom) beuree blanc (butter) sauce.

Marvellous blend of layered savouriness from the creamy foie gras and the smooth morel butter sauce. The runny egg added a natural eggy sweetness and aroma to the delicious dish.

Must order this foie gras.


For main course, we had Brunch 2 Wine's Lamb Rack - price RM56++.

The roast lamb was done medium rare so we could still taste the juices and gentle lamb gaminess which we love. Served with crunchy grilled vegetables on a skewer with tomato marmalade and pumpkin puree at the side.


Wrapping up our dinner on a sweet note with Brunch 2 Wine's Creme Brulee - price RM28++.

This was all about sweetness from coconut milk, caramelised sugar glaze, chocolate and meringue with zesty touches from blueberries, strawberry and golden gooseberry.



The night was still young. We strolled across the breezy centre courtyard over to Bottle & Glass, The Seafood Bar.


Inside, there is a long bar and lots of wines and spirits to be enjoyed in a luxurious setting. It looked like a great partying place 😃


We tried Bottle & Glass's seafood platter for two - price RM199++. (There are larger platters for 4 pax - RM299++, 8 pax - RM699++, 12 pax - RM899++.) 


It's steamed crab and crayfish with scallops and salmon sashimi piled on top of boiled corn, potatoes and sweet potatoes, all set on a bucket of ice cubes. (The larger platters - 8 pax onwards come with lobsters in the heap.) 


The steamed seafood is eaten with sauces - there are over 20 types of sauces at this station. From standard fare like wasabi to special blends which I have never heard of 😃


👉 Brunch 2 Wine and Bottle & Glass in Vibe @ Vantage Bay are new food and drink places worth checking out in Johor Bahru. The ambiance is outstanding, the food is good, especially at Brunch 2 Wine, and prices though at a slight premium are well worth it.

Disclosure: Please note that this was an invited tasting.


Restaurant name: Brunch 2 Wine and Bottle & Glass The Seafood Bar
Address: 9236, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan, Kampung Stulang Laut, 80300 Johor Bahru (directly across the road from KFC)
GPS: 1°27'59.2"N 103°46'41.3"E | 1.466448, 103.778142
Bottle & Glass The Seafood Bar Tel : +6017 3375025 
Brunch 2 Wine Tel : +6017 7098469
Hours: 12:00 noon - 3:00pm | 6:00pm - 11:00pm (Sunday off)

No pork, no lard, alcohol served

Date visited: 16 Jan 2017

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