Thursday, 5 January 2017

Sheng Kee Cooked Food Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Singapore 生记熟食


It was Pearl's idea to come to Sheng Kee in Geylang Bahru for their Hong Kong soya sauce chicken after our earlier foodie session left us half full and unfulfilled 😞 Before she could complete saying "The meat is very tender and the flavour is quite mild" and "I just tabao yesterday", we were already getting up from our chairs in anticipation 😃


We got to Sheng Kee Cooked Food at just before lunch time in a laid back coffee shop at Singapore's city fringe in Kallang Bahru / Geylang Bahru.


Stall holder Heong Jie 香姐 started Sheng Kee with her husband Ah Sheng at Geylang Bahru food centre in 1981. Their speciality is Hong Kong style soya sauce chicken. They also serve braised chicken feet and shrimp dumplings with egg noodles.


Sheng Kee moved into Pin Yu Xuan Pavilion coffee shop in Blk 66, Geylang Bahru when the food centre was closed for refurbishment last year (2016). Despite the loyalty of their die hard fans, Sheng Kee is slightly under the radar beyond their neighbourhood.


We shared half a bird which cost S$12. It's a huge pile of chicken plated casually with brown dressing sauce pooled at the bottom of the plate. Nice crunchy green stalks of blanched choy sum at the side. Old school!


The fresh chicken was done through but was still tender, smooth and juicy. We can taste the natural chicky flavour with every bite through that moist flesh.


The chicken was cooked in soy sauce which left a gentle savoury taste on the smooth skin. The light dressing sauce was a blend of soy sauce and cooked oil. It's flavour was mild, thus allowing the noticeable presence of the chicken's delicate natural flavour and aroma.


We ate the HK soya sauce chicken with egg noodles. The noodles were slightly over done, so they were softer than I like. The savoury spicy sauce were also just average as the flavours weren't robust enough for me.


The freshly made shrimp dumplings look nice (but we didn't order this this time as we were already full). The fillings were made with shrimp, minced pork, water chestnut, mushroom and also dried sole fish. We have to order this next time when we come back for Sheng Kee's HK soya sauce chicken.


👉 If you like HK style soya sauce chicken, Sheng Kee has a good rendition of it. The natural chicken taste and savoury soya sauce flavour are well balanced. The meat though done through is smooth, tender and juicy. Perfect for those who want their chicken juicy tender and yet don't want to see any pink in it.

Heong Jie (Mrs See) the stall owner is known for her kind heart and generosity. She is a very nice person, indeed. (Aug 2015 video by The Hidden Good.)


Restaurant name: Sheng Kee Cooked Food 生记熟食 
AddressPin Yu Xuan Pavilion, Blk 66 Kallang Bahru #01-473 S(330066) Singapore
GPS1°19'13.6"N 103°52'09.7"E | 1.320435, 103.869346
Hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm (Sunday off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 5 Jan 2017

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  1. Edde Edeleden Chan on Facebook "Heong Jie (Mrs See) the stall owner is known for her kind heart and generosity. She is a very nice person, indeed."

    YESH. she is !!!
    She will give u more meat & vege without extra charge and even Add a Sui Kaw to your wan tan Mee 😋😋😋
    If u tell her , kids are eating the noodles, she will even snap those noodles with a pair of scissor and add more breast meat 😍😍😍

  2. Yes I can vouch for her genorousity.Tony do remember to try the braised chicken feet with mushrooms.Not out of the world but comfort food to me!😊

    1. OK. noted and thank you bro Bernard :-D


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