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KL Cafe Hopping. Lepaq Lepaq. Jalan Ceylon. Kuala Lumpur CLOSED


When Irene asked me where to meet, I replied, "Take me to your favourite cafe in KL". So, you are seeing me with Instagram food on New Year Day 2017 😜


Irene suggested that we meet at Lepaq Lepaq, one of her favourite hangouts. Irene mentioned another cafe as well, but I totally forgot what it was. 

Once Irene mentioned that Lepaq Lepaq's signature is their Nasi Lemak Cheesecake, I said "go for it" immediately. Nasi lemak and cheesecake are two of my favourite foods. Mention them together and I am sold.

Irene also mentioned Lepaq Lepaq's Chicken Rice Cheesecake. Chicken rice is one of my favourite dishes. I also like to see what have they done to Singapore's national dish 😱


Lepaq Lepaq has two levels, high ceilings and is spacious. The simple industrial chic decor is nice though there is nothing unusual that is particularly memorable.

We can get a view of the raw greenery of Bukit Ceylon but only from the smoking section on the upper floor.


We had both the signature Nasi Lemak Cheesecake and Hainanese Chicken Rice Cheesecake.


The nasi lemak cheesecake consists of layers of soft rice, light cream cheese and cucumber gelatin stacked on a wet sponge and crumbly crust at the bottom. There were peanuts embedded at the base of the soft stack. On top, the cheesecake is dressed with dry chili flakes and a few twists of fried anchovies.

A friend who has tried it before said "It's horrible". Irene politely said that she doesn't fancy cucumber. I am eager to find out for myself 😃


I found everything in the cheesecake a bit too soft. Even the peanuts lose their crunch from soaking under the pile of wet cheese. The fried anchovies were chewy and rubbery instead of crispy.

There was none of the coconut aroma which I associate with nasi lemak which literally means "coconut milk rice".

But, if I make myself forget that this is "nasi lemak", I actually enjoyed the layers of sweetness of this chilled cheesecake from the buttery crust, light cream cheese, rice and cucumber gelatin. The mild chili flakes were too few to be noticed in the pile of sweet things. 

I also like the layers of softness balanced with softened peanuts and chewy anchovies.

However, I doubt I will order this novelty again.


The Hainanese chicken rice cheesecake consists of cheese and rice stacked on a buttery crust. The top layer was an orangey gelatin that had some chili and chicken stock(?) in it. There were small pieces of chicken meat embedded in the stack.

I like the aroma released when I bite into this cheesecake. It reminded me of the chili and ginger dip so important in chicken rice.


The flavour of the soft cheesecake was sweet savoury. But, it lacks the taste of fresh chicken. The chicken bits felt quite stiff, dry and were flavourless - I associate good Hainanese chicken rice with tender, juicy chicken meat that has natural chicky taste.

I am sure I won't order this chicken rice cheesecake again (in this present form).


Irene suggested that I try Lepaq Lepaq's Raining Day Coffee.

Seeing that everyone has this pretty coffee in their Instagram feed, I must have one also 😂 


The Rainy Day Coffee is pretty indeed, though I couldn't capture the cotton candy cloud in it's full glory (my point-and-shoot camera doesn't have much bokeh).


I enjoyed this black coffee. It has good a nice round "kaw" body. The flavour is robust bitter savouriness but not overly bitter. 

If you keep your coffee under the cotton candy after photo taking, the sugar will melt, fall and stick all over the cup at the rim and handle. It will make your fingers wet and sticky when you pick up the cup by the handle. You will be licking your fingers but not because it is finger licking good 😂


This was Irene's cappuccino.


Pricing is about the same as similar cafes in KL. I wasn't charged for self parking 😃 (though I heard a lot of complaints about the RM6 valet charge).


👉 The decor and food at Lepaq Lepaq are designed for Instagram. The food and drinks we had today tasted average. I may come back to try other items in Lepaq Lepaq's menu, if I am in the Bukit Ceylon area and need a comfortable place to chill. I also think that this place is a good hangout because of it's sheer space and central location.


Restaurant name: Lepaq Lepaq
Address687, Jalan Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS3°08'52.4"N 101°42'13.6"E 3.147900, 101.703788
Tel : +603 2022 2293
Hours: 11:00am to 9:00pm

No pork, no lard

Date visited: 1 Jan 2016

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