Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Gamjatang at Yummy Korean Food in Koreatown, Toronto


I've been binging on gamjatang since discovering this homely Korean staple pork bone dish. Yeah, I came very late to the Korean party 😂 My ramen epiphany was in New York City and now in Toronto, it is Korean food.

Funny, I don't find gamjatang or pork bone soup mentioned in Top 10 Best Korean food listicles but practically all Korean eateries in Toronto's Koreatown have it on their menu. Torontonians love it for lunch, dinner and for nursing hangovers 😃

Anyway..... what do I know? I'm gonna just follow my own taste buds 😄 Perhaps, I am drawn to gamjatang because it reminds of bak kut teh in Singapore and Malaysia but Korean style, of course.


Today's lunch is at Yummy Korean Food Restaurant in downtown Toronto's Korea Town along Bloor Street West. For visitors, the kilometre stretch between Grace and Bathurst along Bloor Street West has the most accessible collection of authentic Korean restaurants in multicultural Toronto.


Simple, no frills, little eateries like Yummy Korean are widely appealing because the food is tasty, and the portions are large and affordable.


I had a huge bowl of pork bone soup with 6 small side dishes and rice - all for CDN7.90 tax included.


In the deep stone bowl there were 3 large meaty pieces of back bone (spine).

The soup was piled high with crunchy bean sprouts and greens (I pulled them aside so that you can see the pork and soup more clearly). The soup's taste profile was savoury-salty-spicy (very similar to that at Sunrise House which I had yesterday, but a bit milder). So, which one is better depends on your personal palate. There was no potato in the soup even though gamjatang literally means potato soup......


It was quite fun scraping the tender juicy meat off the bone surface and between the crevices - it fell off with very little coaxing. Yummy Korean's milder tasting savoury-spicy soup allowed us to appreciate more of the soft pork's natural sweetness.


Hmmm.... if I were at home, I would be having a great time cleaning up those bones, teasing out those juicy soft sweet meat locked deep in the bone crevices 😂


👉 I had a delicious, very filling gamjatang lunch at Yummy Korean Food Restaurant. Seems like you can't go wrong in Koreatown but let me explore a little further 😄


Restaurant name: Yummy Korean Food Restaurant
Address: 620 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K7
GPS43°39'52.4"N 79°24'50.7"W | 43.664554, -79.414076
Tel(647) 345-6588
Hours: 11:00am to 12:00 midnight

Non Halal

Date: 28 Mar 2017


  1. In the absence of Bak Kut Teh, Korean Kam Ja Tang is the closest. The Minerva / Owl outlets have the best Kam Ja Tang.

    1. Thank you :-D I want to learn to make this at home :-D

    2. Don't think you can buy Korean spices back home. The soup base is basically made up of those spices boiled with kimchee. I think you can buy those spices at any of the Korean supermarket in town, one of them is Galleria. All the past. If you are thinking of BKT and Kam Ja tang fusion, it may not work. They are two different foods best eaten separately.

    3. wow. you read my mind. i was thinking just that :D


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