Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Sunrise House Korea Town. Bloor West, Toronto


Korean Canadian friends recommended this little hole-in-the-wall, auntie 아주머니 run shop for homely Korean comfort food. When we failed to snag a table yesterday at Sunrise House due to a continuously full house in the tiny shop, I was determined to come back again. Soon.


So, I came back to downtown Toronto's Korea Town at Bloor Street West, and stepped into Sunrise House the moment it opened for business this Spring morning at 11:00am.


I was soon joined by folks who know where are the best Korean eats in Toronto 😄


Sunrise House is a tiny shop. Humbly furnished with mix and match furniture that appeared to be acquired at different times since it opened nearly a decade ago. But, it is very comfortable and homely.


An auntie heads the kitchen with a male help, while the front is ran by a polite and earnest young lady. Once you sit down, she will serve you a bottle of cold water and hand you the menu which has all the usual Korean home style staples like bibimbap, seafood pancakes, squid bulgogi, kimchi pancake, kimchi stew, rabokki etc.

Do you know the guy on the bottle? 😄


Couldn't resist this 😂

Bear with me lah 😄


I was alone and I ordered this Korean style pork bone soup or gamjatang. It come with a full complement of little side dishes which of course included the iconic, delicious kimchi.

All these food for CDN7.90 tax included.


It's a deep stone bowl with soup and piled high with pork bones, bean sprouts and some greens.

The soup was predominantly savoury-salty in flavour with slight spicy notes from chili flakes and spices. The taste resembles the Chinese salted vegetable soup 鹽菜湯 but with added spicy kick.


The pork neck bones have plenty of tender juicy meat with natural porky sweetness. So much of it that I had trouble finishing it.

I like it.

(Gamjatang means potato soup in Korean but I didn't see any in the soup leh... though there was boiled potato among the side dishes or banchan.)


The bean sprouts were crunchy and sweet.


I did rather well, leaving only bones. The robust savoury-salty-spicy flavours went very well with the bowl of clean tasting sweet rice.


👉 This was my only visit to Sunrise House and I tried only one dish. The gamjatang was good and I am sure to come back to try their other home style dishes as I like the casual cosiness and budget friendliness of this little eatery.

Waiting time can be a little long during peak hours as there is only one front staff and they do a very brisk to go/ take away business.


Restaurant name: Sunrise House
Address 661 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6G 1K9
GPS 43°39'50.8"N 79°24'56.5"W 43.664110, -79.415707
Tel: 416 535 1019
Hours: 11:00am to 11:00pm daily

Non Halal

Date: 27 Mar 2017

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