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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Science Canteen Uncle Penyet Fusion. NUS Student Favourite. Singapore

When I blogged about the chee cheong fun at NUS Science Canteen recently, buddy Peck said that I should also try the ayam penyet stall. It was voted the NUS students' favourite for several years. So, after my NUH appointment today, I popped by NUS to check out Uncle Penyet Fusion.

The NUS Science canteen is a comfortable place. There are about 10 stalls here, including Li Ji Coffee House which serves nice freshly made chee cheong fun.

It is pretty obvious during lunch time which is the NUS students' favourite at the Science Canteen.

The basic ayam penyet set which consists of a fried chicken leg, a piece of fried tau kwa and rice costs $4.80. Add 60 cents and the staff will ladle in a generous portion of curry vegetables. I thought it was good value for $5.40 in total. (Uncle Penyet has around 30 outlets around Singapore but sells the same at higher prices outside of NUS canteens. I heard they have outlets in UniSIM and Ngee Ann Poly at student prices.)

It was a good size piece of fried chicken leg, done till it was golden brown and crisp outside.

In true ayam penyet tradition, the fried chicken leg was given a sharp smack with a pestle before serving. Ayam penyet means flatten chicken in Indonesia where the dish came from. It breaks the meat and makes it easier to eat with hands.

The meat was tender and moist but a little bland. Most of the flavours came from the crispy skin and thin batter which were savoury with mild spices.

The golden brown crisps made by deep frying a blend of flour, garlic and spices added more flavour and crunch to the dish.

There was a good size piece of fried tau kwa but no tempeh (soya bean cake).

Peck warned me that I should standby a fire extinguisher when I try the sambal chili. Others advised me to get ready a fire engine. I got the idea 😱

Uncle Ayam Penyet's sambal chili was indeed spicy hot 🔥 At the peak, it was right at the red line of my spiciness tolerance. The hot sting was rather stubborn, keeping my lips and mouth slightly numb for quite a while before it dissipated.

The vegetables were stewed in mildly spicy curry till they were limp and soft. They go well with the plain white rice and complemented the crisp chicken.

👉 Uncle Penyet Fusion's ayam penyet set is quite tasty and good value for money. No wonder that it is a favourite among successive cohorts of NUS students. It has got one of the spiciest sambal chili in town.

Restaurant name: Uncle Penyet Fusion
Address: 12 Science Drive 2, Kent Ridge, National University of Singapore 
GPS:  1°17'47.4"N 103°46'48.6"E | 1.296509, 103.780154 
Waze: NUS Science Canteen (Frontier Phase 1) 
Hours: 7:00am - 7:30pm (Sunday off, close at 2:00pm on Saturday)  

No pork, no lard, certified Halal 

Date visited: 21 May 2018  

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