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Jia He Grand Chinese Restaurant • Traditional & Innovative Dim Sum & Dishes for the Family 家和

I've been to Jia He Chinese Restaurant twice so far and enjoyed myself with their dim sum and signature dishes. It's one of the restaurants in Singapore that come to my mind when asked where to go eat dim sum in Singapore.


Our first visit was during Chinese New Year in 2024, and we started off with a slightly extravagant lou hei yee sang set.

With a fresh dragon prawn (lobster) centrepiece, it was a fitting start to the auspicious Year of the Dragon 🦞

We had an assortment of dim sum, all of which were elevated versions of familiar siew mai, har kow, siew bao, etc. All handcrafted at Jia He with fresh ingredients and by skilled hands.

Taste great, good texture, that do justice to the prime ingredients in the dainty bites.

Peking duck.

Crispy skin with a thin layer of fat just below. Delicious with rich savoury ducky juice from the warm fat underneath.

The thick tender slices of duck breast were no flavour sloth but rich with its own savoury ducky sweet profile different from the crispy skin.

Tah dah!

Jia He's famous signature ter kar mee sua or mee sua with stewed pork trotter.

The trotter was so huge, a staff had to snip it into bite size pieces for us at the table. 

The huge fatty pork trotter with thick skin was freshly braised in thick savoury sauce till the pork was soft and smooth.

The blanched mee sua was smothered by the thick gooey blanket of brown braising savoury sweet sauce.

Oh.. Forbidden love.

The skin was thick but soft and smooth, almost like jelly. The fat was almost melting in the mouth into warm savoury sweet juices. The meat was soft tender but I was interested only in the skin and fat 😅

The slurpy mee sua was soft, softened by the savoury sweet, porcine sweet braising sauce, absorbing, infusing all its rich flavours. 

Had it twice, still feel excited from anticipation and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Also second time having Jia He's signature claypot chicken rice. 

The covered claypot of rice was boiled with a blanket of waxed pork sausage slices, waxed pork liver sausage slices, and a waxed chicken drumstick on top. 

When served the waxed sausage slices were folded and mixed thoroughly with the steamy rice, so the savoury flavours spread evenly throughout the pot. 

They are then portioned out into individual personal servings with shreds of waxed chicken drumstick.

Nice, quite mild savoury flavours in layers infused in the rice. More intense flavours when biting into the waxed meats especially the waxed liver which was a crowd favourite. 

Both times, I forgot to ask for the browned crunchy crust from the bottom and sides of the claypot. Shall make sure of that next time. 

Jia He's amazing signature shou tau (longevity peach buns), rabbit and carrot.

What's the occasion? 

Today, we welcome Chechey (right) who was visiting from Bhutan. 

So cheerful, everybody is happy to see these cute handmade buns and pastries.

Makes everyone younger 😁

Oh, this is a pretty up char siew bao. It's as good as the best siew bao around and a lot prettier 🤭

So cute buttery golden rabbits. Filled with pineapple paste during Chinese New Year, filled with lotus seed paste on other days.

The "carrots" are filled with sesame seed paste.

Everything tastes delicious.

Carefully made traditional sweet chilled desserts. Not too sweet, which is good because we were already in food coma. 

Sesame roll. 

Grown man eating sesame roll 🤦 It's actually quite nice - the stretchy "bandage" is like gummy, jelly and it tasted sweet with sesame flavour and smell. 

My experience at Jia He was good on both visits. The food was all lovingly prepared and delicious. No qualms about the kitchen skills and quality of ingredients. The service staff were old style friendly and warm. Safe place (I mean consistent standards) for family and group gatherings with food served to expectations. Ambiance was simple, no frills but pleasant, clean and neat. Prices slightly premium I presume (I was a guest on both occasions). Accessibility is superb. If you are coming by MRT, use exit C of Farrer Park station.

Note: Photos taken with Honor Magic 6 Pro are watermarked. The rest, no watermark, are shot with Honor Magic 5 Pro.


Restaurant name: Jia He Grand Chinese Restaurant

Address: 1 Farrer Park Station Rd, #01-14/15/16 One Farrer Hotel Connexion, Singapore 217562

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Farrer Park station Exit C

Tel: 6694 8988

Hours: Lunch 11 am - 3 pm | Dinner 6pm - 10 pm

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Written by Tony Boey on 13 May 2024. Visited 26 Jan 2024, 9 May 2024

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