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Hong Seng Curry Rice @ Redhill • Traditional, Comforting & Affordable 鸿森咖喱饭

Hong Seng Curry Rice is a third generation stall at Redhill food centre. 

I was here at 9am and they were already ready to serve. Cooked food were laid out in trays much like a chup chai png (economic rice) stall.

Aunty at the stall was very friendly. 

Hong Seng's popular cute rotund fried prawn fritters.

The dishes weren't pretty when put together on a plate. Alone, I just had pork chop, cabbage, and fried egg. Had to save some tummy space for other places I need to check out after this. 

Less than $5, I forgot the exact amount. 

The battered pork chop was tomatoey, tangy, sweet, savoury. The fried batter and pork inside softened by the starchy tomatoey sauce.

The plain white rice was splashed with a thick curry which was starchy, mildly spiced, sweetish, savoury more like a sauce for flavour.

In Singapore Hainanese curry rice tradition, the curry is folded and mixed with sauces from the other dishes such as the pork chop brown sauce, dark soy sauce from braised / stewed pork belly, etc. The result is a blend of flavours, a microcosm of the Indian, Chinese, Malay, and British culinary cultures on a plate together. The blended flavour, I would call Singapore flavour, untidy, messy, but surprisingly delightful. It is a dish, highly representative of Singapore. 

Cabbage simmered in savoury sauce for a comforting savoury sweet soft mash which moderates and complements whatever we stashed on the plate. 

Had the fried prawn fritter on a subsequent visit. Its batter was thick, airy, puffy, savoury sweet encasing a small sweet tasting prawn. I like it. 

In Singapore, we sometimes hear the phrase "jiak kali png" or "eat curry rice" in Hokkien Chinese. Some people use it as a euphemism for being in prison or attending a wake. Do you know how these came about? Please share in the comments. 


Stall name: Hong Seng Curry Rice 鸿森咖喱饭

Address: 85 Redhill Lane, stall #01-74 in Redhill Food Centre, Singapore 150085

Nearest MRT: 5 minutes walk from Redhill station

Tel: 9876 2288

Hours: 9am - 9:30 pm

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Written by Tony Boey on 12 May 2024


  1. Wake is jiak kali kui (chicken). There's no png one.

    1. Cos curry chicken is one of d dishes served in buffet style to attendees at d wake

  2. Is “Jiak orh tau png” Leh

  3. Not eat black bean rice meh

  4. Yvonne Sumana Loh12 May 2024 at 19:14

    Probably because it’s the most common food being served in prisons?
    Most people working in prisons are Malays. So curry is their forte. 😉
    Just a guess.

  5. i thought...
    jiak kali png = attend funeral
    jiak orh tau png = inprisoned?

  6. Jiak ka li I think is die

  7. 老人家说吃咖哩饭还是黑豆饭的意思就是死定了。(坐牢)


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