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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

The Sunbird Cafe. Wonderful Chendol Cheesecake, Three Tea Mug & Good Coffee in JB

I found a lovely new place to hang out in JB. Ok... not really I found lah - actually, owners Charlene and Yumi invited me to visit their newly opened cafe in Johor Jaya, Ros Merah. I am very excited to tell you about their unique chendol cheesecake, Three Tea Mug and good coffee.

The young restaurant is a no frills, cosy eatery barely two months old but is already well known for their in trend fusion rice bowls. But, I am going to save the savouries for a later post as I am most excited by their sweet desserts, especially their chendol cheesecake and Three Tea Mug. I love their house blend of Brazilian coffee too.

The Sunbird Cafe is the brainchild of co-owners Charlene (left) and Yumi.

After graduating from SHATEC in Singapore, Charlene worked in Hyatt Hotel, followed by Portico before joining a caterer, and now her own The Sunbird Cafe.

I first met Yumi when she was the baker at Flowers in the Window in old downtown JB. Yumi was also briefly with Lavender.

When Charlene told me that they have a chendol cheesecake, I was immediately eager to taste it as I am a lover of both chendol and cheesecake - it would be the best of both worlds in a piece of cake.

Unique (I have never tried it before).

How does it taste?

Beyond my expectations 😮

Sunbird Cafe put every element of the classic chendol and classic cheesecake together, and everything went together perfectly (in my opinion).

Rich, sweet, subtly tangy cream cheese was combined with good quality gula Melaka (caramelised palm sugar) and fresh coconut milk. It produced a layered kind of sweetness and the best part (for me) was a subtle layer of savoury sweetness similar to salted egg yolk.

The dense cream cheese was set on a buttery, crumbly crushed Marie biscuit crust. The green chendol "worms" were real - made with rice flour and real Pandan leaves which gave it the light green colour. The green "worms" added soft texture to the dense cheese. The boiled kidney beans punctuated the cream cheese with bits of tender crunch and a subtle bean sweetness.

I like this so much that I can see myself dropping by Sunbird Cafe just for this chendol cheesecake. (Price RM12 nett. Suggest call ✆ 019-767 0915 to check availability.)

I enjoyed Sunbird Cafe's house blended aromatic Brazilian Arabica. It has nice medium body with nutty chocolaty taste with subtle underlying savouriness.

It's a perfect match with Sunbird's chendol cheesecake.

Another of Charlene's unique creations - Three Tea Mug inspired by Thai milk tea.

Starting from the bottom of the mug, a bouncy cushion of Masala chai tea sponge cake. Layered with thick mascarpone tea mousse. A ball of creamy Thai milk tea ice cream set in the middle. The sweet fragrant concoction was capped with airy honey milk tea foam.

Charlene said to enjoy Three Tea Mug, I have to eat all the elements in every scoop - sponge cake, mousse, ice cream and foam - all the layers of sweetness together. Embedded in all the softness, were gritty crispy bits of caramelised biscuits which make it more interesting.

I enjoyed this Three Tea Mug too. (Price RM12 nett.)

Sunbird Cafe serves a range of popular savouries which I will cover separately.

Sunbird Cafe is on level 2 (more affordable rental). But, the chendol cheesecake etc are worth climbing those stairs for.

👉 You know, it is my policy not to recommend any place which I am invited but The Sunbird Cafe in Johor Jaya, Ros Merah is one place which I would gladly, quickly return to pay for my own food and recommend it to you. I especially love their unique chendol cheesecake and Brazilian coffee.

Restaurant name: The Sunbird Cafe
Address: 23-01, Jalan Ros Merah 2/8, Taman Johor Jaya Johor Bahru
GPS1°31'55.4"N 103°47'36.1"E | 1.532052, 103.793370
Waze: The Sunbird Cafe
Tel: 019-767 0915
Hours: 9:00am to 6:00pm (Mon off)

Non Halal

Date visited: 30 May 2018

Soothing Julie London songs were playing softly in the background. So nice.

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