Friday, 13 July 2018

D101 Durian from Johor. Humble but Delicious Mao Shan Wang Alternative

During this year's durian season, I developed a liking for the humble D101 durian from Johor. The bitter sweet D101 could be mistaken for the now abundant average Mao Shan Wang flooding the market but costs just ⅓ the price of the king.

D101 is a big fruit weighing 2kg or more (up to 3kg 😱 ).

Fruits may be olive green or light yellowish brown in colour.

D101 thorns are long, conical, and very sharp. They spread out menacingly in all directions. D101 husk often has an inward fold like a butt crack.

The outer husk is relatively thin but the core is quite thick.

Still, the large durian has quite good yield of meaty seeds.

The flesh has a cheerful yellow colour. The seeds are fleshy, thick with meat. The meat is creamy, moist but not wet. There is not much fibre so the meat felt like a soft paste - thick creamy custard.

Taste is bitter sweet. Some fruits lean on more bitter, others lean on being sweeter. More bitter or more sweet is a personal preference. Personally, I like more bitter. Whichever it is, D101 has layers of bitter sweet flavours which make it interesting.

I may mistake it for average grade Mao Shan Wang, except that D101's sweetish floral fragrance is milder whereas top grade MSW is quite pungent. This season's D101 and average grade MSW are practically indistinguishable unless I see the husks.

D101 seeds vary in size and shape from mostly oval quail egg size to the odd flat thumbnail size.

👉 D101 is a nice durian at a fraction of the price of average Mao Shan Wang though it is rather close in taste and texture. Current season price in Johor for D101 is about RM9-12 while MSW is around RM30-38.

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Date: 13 July 2018

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  1. Bro, where do you get yours from? Any contacts to share? :)


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