Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Seng Kee 胜记 Laksa @ Taman Serene Food Centre, Johor Bahru

Stall No. 10 Seng Kee Fish Ball and Laksa 胜记 is one of the most popular stalls in the famous Taman Serene food centre.

This is the kind of curry laksa you find in Johor - the noodles are invisible - submerged in curry gravy and buried under loads of ingredients. There were tau pok, slices of fish cake, fried wanton, fried fish balls, stuffed toufu, fresh cockles, and a couple of fish balls - lots of stuff for RM4 :)

The not too thick curry gravy was savoury from a blend of spices and was not overly rich or laden with coconut milk (santan). The gravy was spicy and sweet unlike that of its neighbour Lim Hong Yong 林记's Thai laksa which was spicy and tangy.

I especially love these fried fishballs. They were sweet and savoury from the spices added to the fish meat.

This large piece of fried tofu stuffed with a thick wedge of fresh fish meat was tender and saturated with flavour from the laksa and the fish.

The tau pok sponged up loads of curry laksa.

The couple of plump juicy fresh cockles added a lot of ommph to the laksa.

These tiny slivers of daun kesom added a delightful touch of fragrance to the laksa.

Seng Kee's sambal chili is awesome. Extra hot, tangy and infused with that ground dried shrimp flavour.

Restaurant name: Stall No. 10 Pelangi Yong Taufu (better
known as Seng Kee Fish Ball and Laksa 胜记)
Address: Taman Serene Food Centre (off Jalan Biru, Taman

Pelangi opposite San Lou seafood restaurant)
GPS: 1.471995,103.774527
Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm (closed on Wednesdays)
Non Halal

Date visited: 24 August 2012

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  1. Hi Johor Kaki, I will try this the next time I am there in day time. However, you should try the stall next to this which sells "zhe zhar" at night...I went there last night after Seetoh of Makan Sutra S'pore introduced's really good...try the fish head curry, udang indonesia style, udang kering, steam fish or sotong kia..yum!

    1. hahaha Daphne, I must try that very soon :D Yes, Seetoh showed me the stall before. Thanks for recommending!

  2. dude thats laksa leaves! not curry leaf

  3. its called daun kesom...smell abit herbal but it enhance the laksa taste..

    1. Thank you so much! for the info ;P

  4. Bro JK, I actually hatam ard to this stall, thinking it was the Thai laksa stall you recommended (which was stall 8). I was quite surprised and impressed with the quality and thought this dude is giving Catha Laksa a run for the money..hahaha...

    Tmr go and chiong stall 8 to see whether they are as good..!!

    1. Hi Bro Mike, wish you happy eating :)

  5. Don't quite like the broth, but the stuff are all fresh, which is good enough for me!


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