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Roast Chicken @ Restoran Xiang Hong 香红 in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

We were looking for Yuen Fatt mooncakes in Kluang when we stumbled upon this queue of people waiting at the corner chicken rice stall, just across the street from the famous mooncake shop.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

Roast chicken were flying off the chopping board.

After we had done our hour long mooncake shopping at Yuen Fatt, the queue was still there (but with different people in the line, of course).

Our foodie instincts told us that this must be something worth a closer look.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

I looked around the stall and spotted these freshly roasted chicken. Look at that rosy hued crispy skin, just popping off the breast of the chicken. Irresistible. It looked like some showy guy with chest puffed out in a tight, rose coloured, ironed but creased starched shirt. We made a quick decision to dump our original plans for this. It wasn't that hard a decision, really.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

Not knowing what is best here, we ordered the kiasu 怕输 way - a mixed plate of everything - roast belly pork, char siew, chicken innards and a chicken thigh.

Three things stuck in our minds about this humble, little roast meats and chicken rice stall.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

Out of this jumble of meat, the roast belly pork, char siew and chicken innards were good but it was the chicken thigh that left the deepest impression.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

The chicken thigh was succulent, juicy, tender, smooth, and naturally sweet. Just the best roast chicken that I have tasted so far.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

Their gravy too was outstanding. The syrupy gravy kept warm over a small charcoal stove was a fine balance of delicately sweet and savoury, and it tasted deliciously smokey.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

It was simply best gravy that I have tasted at a chicken rice stall. Far better than the usual black soy sauce or kicap that we get in other places.

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor

The freshly ground chili sauce was the third item that stood out here. It was spicy hot and tangy with a strong fresh ginger aroma and taste.

If you are at Yuen Fatt for your mooncakes and other traditional Chinese cakes, look no further for your lunch. Just walk over to Xiang Hong 香红 and ask for their roast chicken. You will be eating in an unglamourous humble setting but the roast chicken is worth it!

Roast Chicken Kluang Johor
There was still a line of customers when we left after our meal.

Restaurant name: Chicken rice and roast meat stall @ Xiang Hong 香红 coffee shop
Address: Corner coffee shop at Jalan Tan Khim Seck (diagonally across the road from Yuan Fatt bakery)
GPS: 2.042412, 103.333100
Hours: 9:00am to 1:00pm (alternate Thursdays off)
Non Halal

Date visited: 3 August 2012

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  1. Again...time is wrong.. 11.15am till 3pm.. reached at 9.45am..


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