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Fish Ball Noodles @ Seng Kee Fish Ball and Laksa 胜记 in Taman Serene Food Centre, Johor Bahru

The many good hawkers in Taman Serene food centre, keeps drawing me back to this popular foodies' corner in Johor Bahru.

One of my favourites is Stall No. 10, Pelangi Yong Taufu, which is better known as Seng Kee Fish Ball and Laksa 胜记.

Seng Kee 胜记 is famous for their fish balls 番薯鱼鱼丸 and mee laksa. We shall share about Seng Kee's fish ball noodles here. Seng Kee's star has always been their homemade fish balls 鱼丸.

The boss of Seng Kee has been in the fish ball noodle business since he was a 5 year old child helping his dad at the stall. For the past 30 plus years, Seng Kee 胜记 makes their fish balls themselves at home as this is the only way to ensure top quality. Everyday for the past 30 over years, Seng Kee makes their fish balls with fresh Yellowtail fish 番薯鱼.

Today, I had the RM5 fish ball noodle set which comes with a big bowl of noodles in sauce and six of Seng Kee's signature fish balls in a soup.

The mee pok noodles were smooth, crunchy and tasty in soy sauce and shallot oil.

For an extra spicy kick, we can add Seng Kee's tangy and spicy hot home made sambal chili into the noodles.

The stars that got most of my attention were those six fish balls.

Seng Kee 胜记 goes the extra mile to ensure the freshness of their fish balls by cooking them only when ordered, not pre-cooked.

The fish balls were like white ping pong balls in color, size and bounciness. I know this is an overused cliché but in the case of Seng Kee, it is apt and accurate. When we bite into Seng Kee's fish balls, they burst apart releasing the refreshing sweet flavour and aroma of fresh fish meat. The fish balls were so crunchy, I could hear my jaws chewing down those fish balls :)

Seng Kee's excellent fish balls are definitely in my favourites list.

Restaurant name: Stall No. 10 Pelangi Yong Taufu (better known as Seng Kee Fish Ball and Laksa 胜记)
Address: Taman Serene Food Centre (off Jalan Biru, Taman Pelangi opposite San Low seafood restaurant)
GPS: 1.471995,103.774527
Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm (closed on Wednesdays)

Non Halal

Date visited: 24 August 2012

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