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Closed: Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea in Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru


Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea shop in Taman Mount Austin is the brain child of four foodie friends. The four friends made many food trips around the region and stumbled upon an old lady in Taiwan who makes sorbet and ice cream the traditional way, by hand.


Fascinated by the old Taiwanese lady's art and captivated by the taste of her traditional sorbets and ice cream, the four friends asked the old lady to teach them her art. These fabulous four managed to spend a month learning the art of hand making sorbet and ice cream at this old lady's home.


Back in Johor Bahru, they experimented with fusing this traditional hand made Taiwanese sorbet and ice cream with local Malaysian ingredients, and now offer their unique creations in their own Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea shop.


Elaine, one of the four partners, invited me to try out Moshi Moshi's dessert and tea creations. When at Moshi Moshi, I can feel the passion that Elaine and her partners have for their dessert and tea creations. They are still experimenting with new creations and spoke excitedly about their work.


Moshi Moshi's desserts consist of a hand made sorbet bottom layer laid with toppings of hand made ice cream, grass jelly, red beans, fruits, "pearls" or other ingredients. They remind me of modern day ais (ice) kacang. 


This large mural on the wall at Moshi Moshi proudly states that everything at the Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea shop is hand made using only natural and fresh ingredients with no preservatives added.

These were the sorbets and ice creams that we tried at Moshi Moshi.


Moshi Moshi's "Coconut Ice Cream with Sorbet" (RM8.90) which I enjoyed very much as I like all things coconut :) 


I like Moshi Moshi's "Taro Sorbet" (RM8.90) served with peanut ice cream which has a peanutty flavour and interesting bits of nuts. This dessert comes with two yam balls.


Moshi Moshi's "Mango Sorbet" (RM8.90) is an interesting blend of sweet and slightly tangy which I think appeals especially to ladies.


My half eaten "Macha Sorbet" (RM8.90). I like the fragrance of macha and so enjoyed this very much. As we ate, we gradually mixed all the ingredients like sesame ice cream, grass jelly, red beans, black "pearls" and macha sorbet together and got another blended taste which I enjoyed very much.

Elaine graciously gave me permission to see the process of making Moshi Moshi's signature sorbet and ice cream desserts.



When an order is received, the hand made sorbet is scraped from the tub and transferred to the large serving cup. This is Moshi Moshi's coconut sorbet.


Scooping the hand made Moshi Moshi ice cream. This is Moshi Moshi's peanut ice cream.




Next, the "pearls" are added. These "pearls" are imported from Taiwan. I like the bite of these gummy, chewy "pearls" and hunt for them in my bowl :P


The grass jelly is carefully laid into the cup.


The "Coconut Sorbet" fully assembled and ready for serving.

Moshi Moshi also offers a wide range of teas, all of which are brewed from tea leaves (never from instant tea powders).


Elaine first let us try Moshi Moshi's "Fresh Tomato Ice Blended Tea" (RM6.90). This tea is made with fresh baby tomatoes.


Moshi Moshi's "Lemon Ai-yu 2Q" (RM6.90) a sour tea which is a favourite, especially among the ladies.



Elaine was eager to let us try Moshi Moshi's "Macha with Red Bean Ice Cream" (RM5.90). I like this drink very much as the flavour and fragrance of the macha blend very well with the taste of the red bean ice cream.


After so many dessert and tea tastings, Elaine suggested I drink Moshi Moshi's herbal tea as it would help me in digestion.

I like Moshi Moshi for their uniquely Johor creations and look forward to more flavours in the future. Moshi Moshi is a great place to chill out with friends and enjoy nice desserts and teas together.




Restaurant name: Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea
Address: 19, Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.551693,103.785181
Hours: 11:30am to 11:30pm
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 26 Mar 2013, 29 Mar 2013, 21 May 2013, 14 Jun 2013


  1. Awww i love this place! The workers thr are polite and passionate! A recommended place for uni students who need to do revision or study group. =)

  2. I like the desert very much. Yummy yummy


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