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Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings Singapore 荣记炸鸡翅膀

Eng Kee fried chicken wings 荣记炸鸡翅膀 at Commonwealth Crescent is one of the old and famous names in Singapore chicken wings.

Regulars know that Eng Kee fried chicken wings at Commonwealth Crescent changed hands a couple of years back, so is it still good?


Eng Kee serves many other dishes besides fried chicken wings as it is actually an "economic bee hoon 经济米粉" shop.


But, I was too full that day and so could only try their famous chicken wings.

I ate 3, maybe 4 wings because I liked them and also to get a good feel of the taste and flavours.

The freshly fried chicken wings were piping hot, slightly too hot to touch. There was hardly any grease on the wings, and none on the Styrofoam plate.


The golden brown outer crust was crisp, very thin. Peeling the skin off revealed moist, tender white meat and a thin layer of fat underneath the skin.

The skin was crispy and savoury like a thin, flappy keropok (deep fried cracker).

The juicy meat was nicely savoury sweet, though it lacked chicken flavour. This is normal for fried chicken and is seen as a plus point by people who don't like "chickeny" flavour.


In all, it was an appealing fried chicken wing with great crisp/tender texture and delicious savoury/sweet flavours. Little wonder that Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings at Commonwealth Crescent has such a big following.

I like it that Eng Kee uses no special equipment to fry their chicken wings. It's just the standard wok, hot oil and piped gas stove.

Eng Kee's chicken wings are regular size wings imported frozen from Brazil, in other words, very ordinary.

So, it was all about the marinate, marination process and the skill of the lady frying the wings.


I marvelled at how the lady turned, spun and swirled the two ladles, sending the chicken wings racing around in the wok of hot oil, 30 wings at a time, so effortlessly. Every wing was evenly cooked, perfectly.


I managed to have the friendly lady (everyone calls her 大嫂) who was busy cooking the chicken wings pause a moment for this photo.

I forgot to tapao (take away) to try, so unfortunately, I don't know how well Eng Kee's chicken wings will stand up to the test of taking it home to eat hours later.


There is always a queue at Eng Kee, so there will be a slight wait but the plus point is the chicken wings are always freshly fried.

Probably the best fried chicken wings that one can get in Singapore at $1.20 each. (Now my next target is the original owner who operates at Redhill hawker centre :D )


Restaurant name: Eng Kee Fried Chicken Wings 荣记炸鸡翅膀 
Address:  Blk 117, Commonwealth Crescent, #01-711, Singapore
GPS: 1.306487,103.800673
Hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm (Closed on Sunday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 27 Sep 2014

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  1. You have to try the original at Redhill Hawker Centre! Be prepared to queue but it's very good!

    1. Definitely going to check it out :D

  2. Maybe you will get to meet the Prime Minister there hahaha

    1. Then he will wonder who is this silly photo togging uncle... LOL


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