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Crocodile Soup Recipe - Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 Singapore - Return of the Crocodile King 鱷魚大王重出江湖

Once upon a time, long before Johor Kaki was born, there was a Crocodile Kingdom at Old Airport Road food centre in Singapore.

Last year, the Crocodile King went exploring, getting ready to return to his beloved kingdom with the best crocodile dishes for his dear people.

Then, he heard a call for help.

Singapore Touch Community is holding their annual charity food fair, the Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014, to raise funds to help 35,000 needy people under their care.

The Crocodile King has a soft heart, especially for needy people.


Without a second thought, the Crocodile King agreed to serve his Ultimate Herbal Crocodile Soup at the Ultimate Hawker Fest.

Ultimate-Hawker-Fest 2014-Singapore

The Crocodile King Tony Tee was even kind enough to conduct a demonstration to show how he makes his Ultimate Herbal Crocodile Soup (venue at the courtesy of The Eureka Cooking Lab in Singapore). 


The ingredients (clockwise from top left), dried snow fungus, Chinese wine (五加皮 and 紹興 blend), dried fish maw, herbs (pre-packed), and button mushrooms. 


A closer look at the herbs. If the herbs look mysterious to you, relax. You can buy them pre-packed at supermarkets.


Clockwise, sliced crocodile tail meat marinated with sesame oil, crocodile loin bones and crocodile tail fin.


Closer look at the waggley tail.


The herbs, crocodile bones and tail fin were slowed cooked in a pot of water for six hours to make the broth.


Remove the floppy tail fin from the simmering pot and let it cool.


The croc tail fin which is 100% collagen gels on cooling, bringing the spring back to the tail fin softened by long boiling.  


Tony snipped the croc tail fin into bite size pieces just before final cooking for serving.


Fast boil the croc tail fin, croc meat slices, dried fish maw pieces, fungus mushroom and canned button mushrooms in the crocodile broth just before serving.



The Ultimate Herbal Crocodile Soup.

No kidding.


I indulged in a squirt of wu jia pi and shao xing 
五加皮 and 紹興 blend :D


This is the most delicious herbal broth that I have had for a long time.

The broth had a smooth, round body, well balanced sweet and savoury flavours, very mild likable herbal taste, and a touch of old Chinese wine taste and aroma. There was hardly any grease at all.



The gummy, jelly like tail fin. 100% natural collagen :D


The crocodile meat tasted like good fresh fish and had the texture of tender lean pork.

Crocodile King Tony Tee sharing with us the benefits of herbal crocodile soup. Check out the video for all the benefits of the tonic :D 

I am always sceptical about people claiming themselves king of this, or princess of that. But, after tasting the Crocodile King's Ultimate Herbal Crocodile Soup today, I have to acknowledge that Tony is truly Your Royal Highness of the Crocodile Kingdom :D

I am already missing Tony's Ultimate Herbal Crocodile Soup.

I am looking forward to the Crocodile King's return, when the time is ripe.

Meanwhile, we have two options.

Option one.

Do it yourself. DIY.


Tony said we can buy this pre-packed herbs and also crocodile meat and bones at supermakets. Just follow the instructions on the packet of herbs, and you will have good (not ultimate) herbal crocodile soup.

The second option, get the Ultimate version with the added bonus of meeting the Crocodile King 鱷魚大王 Tony Tee in person by visiting the charity Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014.

Date: 22 Nov 2014
Venue: SUNTEC Halls 401-402
Time: 11:00am to 5:00pm

Get your Singapore Ultimate Hawker Fest 2014 coupons here.

Either way, if you miss the good or Ultimate Herbal Crocodile Soup, you will regret it.

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  1. You should not crown him Royal Highness. You are should crown him Datok Sri Crocodile King hahaha

    1. i cannot crown anyone... i kaki kaki nia nia...

  2. Glad to have met and known u from Tony flood adventure

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