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Ru Ji Kitchen Handmade Fish Ball in Singapore 如记小厨

On my Singapore rounds today, checking out one of my old favourite haunts, Holland Drive food centre.

The food centre has been modernised but fortunately most of the old tenants are still here.


Ru Ji Kitchen 如记小厨 which is famous for their handmade fish balls is still going strong here.


The boss David has been a fish ball seller for over 30 years, starting out by helping at his brother's stall.

Ru Ji 如记 now has 3 outlets. This one in Holland Drive is the parent stall and the branches are in Old Airport Road (David's daughter and son-in-law) and Redhill.


SGD3 got us this bowl of "dry" mee pok noodles 面薄干 and bowl of soup with three fishballs and fish cake slices.

So, SGD3 is all it takes to make my day :D

Ru-Ji Kitchen-Handmade-Fish-Ball-Singapore-如记小厨

The mee pok noodles 面薄 were generic, factory made (as almost all are in Singapore). But, David cooked it perfectly, so that it was al dente, giving the tender noodles a nice subtle stiffness and spring.


The mee pok noodles 
面薄 were tossed in a sauce of sambal chili, shallot oil, and laced with lard. The flavours were mainly savoury from the hae bee hiam (dried shrimps) and spicy with porky notes from the lard.

The sauce was a little sparse, so some people might find the bowl of noodles a tad dry.


A few fresh lard crackles here and there spiced up the noodles whole dish :D


The broth was clear, briny and tastes of fresh fish. The savoury flavour of cai poh 菜脯 was quite pronounced in the broth.


Handmade fish balls, Ru Ji Kitchen's claim to fame.

The ping pong sized fish balls were tender/ soft with slight briny fresh fish flavour.

David told me that they use 100% yellow tail fish or "sweet potato fish" 蕃薯鱼 to make their fish balls. As it is a natural product, flavours will vary slightly from day to day which discerning palates could detect would appreciate. That is also what makes au naturale food much more enjoyable compared to 100% identical synthetic food. 


I like Ru Ji's fish cake as the fried skin gave the fish cake slices an interesting chew at the edges.

Rui Ji is one of the rare stalls in Singapore that still make their own fish balls from scratch. Give it a try when you are in the Holland Dr or Buona Vista area of Singapore.


Restaurant name: Ru Ji Kitchen 如记小厨
Address: 44 Holland Dr, Holland Drive Food Centre, Singapore
GPS: 1.308224,103.793206
Hours: 6:30am to 1:00pm (Closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 23 Oct 2014

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