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Authentic Beef Wellington in Singapore. Where Else But The English House


Missing Beef Wellington in Singapore?

The English House by Marco Pierre White serve an excellent rendition of that quintessentially English, Beef Wellington. This has been one of The English House's signatures since it opened at Mohamed Sultan Road in 2018.


Head chef Gabriel Fratini, the man now behind The English House's eclectic menu which ranges from English icons like this Beef Wellington, Rome classics like Cacio e Pepe, Hong Kong dim sum, beef hor fan and even Singapore chili crab.

Beef Wellington is beef tenderloin smothered with duxelles (a paste of chopped mushroom, onion, garlic, herbs like thyme etc, sautéed in butter), wrapped in egg washed puff pastry and oven baked till golden brown outside.

Gordon Ramsey declared Beef Wellington his signature dish but the origins of this centuries old English icon is unclear. Meat baked in pastry was already popular in England (and France) over 300 years ago, even before the time of the First Duke of Wellington (1769 - 1852).

In the French version, the tenderloin is smothered in, what else...., foie gras.


The tenderloin was done beautifully medium-rare, the way I like my steaks.


We dressed our beef with the savoury brown sauce that came with the dish.


The beef was tender-soft and juicy, beefy with layers of savoury flavours infused from the duxelles and from the brown sauce. The pastry was buttery and crumbly soft, slightly wet after soaking up some brown sauce (I think we over doused it in our excitement 😛 ).


This classic Beef Wellington at The English House serves 2 with spare for $125++.

The English House also have Mushroom & Spinach Wellington, and Salmon Wellington for fish eaters. There's a Wellington for everyone!

Written by Tony Boey on 3 Mar 2021

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