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Ah Lee Kampung Chicken Rice 亚李菜园鸡饭 in Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru


I heard a lot about a popular kampung chicken rice stall in Taman Sri Tebrau and finally tracked down Ah Lee Kampung Chicken Rice 亚李菜园鸡饭 today.


The key man at the stall is Ah Fei who does all the cutting and cooking.


Ah Fei worked at his dad's chicken rice stall when he was a boy and he worked at a chicken rice stall in Jurong (Block 505), Singapore for many years before returning to Johor Bahru. This stall is named after his partner, Ah Lee 亚李.


I asked for a drumstick so my chicken rice set came to RM7.50. The "normal" chicken set costs RM6.50.

The drumstick was longer and more slender compared to the usual farm chicken or "meat chicken 肉鸡 " as it is known here. The meat was neatly cut and nicely presented.

Kampung-Chicken-Rice-菜园鸡饭-Taman-Sri Tebrau-Johor-Bahru

The thigh meat was tender, juicy and very slightly stringier that "meat chicken". The meat has streaks of smooth gelatinous jelly in between which I love. The smooth chicken meat had a pleasant, lightly savoury flavour. I didn't pay much attention to the sauce as I wanted to taste the kampung chicken's natural flavours.


Caught a pic of another customer's order. Ah Fei obviously takes pride in presenting his food - no topsy turvy random heap of scattered bones and chicken pieces here and there.


Ah Fei told me that his stall uses good quality Thai fragrant rice to cook their chicken rice. Ah Lee's chicken rice is indeed fragrant and the loose, tender grains were lightly coated with chicken fat.


This soup may look clear and ordinary but it has body and is savoury and flavourful. It was one of those soups that I will ask for seconds, which I actually did ;)


The chicken rice was served with ground chili and ginger. I just did a dip test - both were fresh and complemented the chicken well. I didn't use the chili or ginger much as I wanted to savour the natural flavour of the kampung chicken.

If you are looking for kampung chicken rice, give Ah Lee Kampung Chicken Rice 亚李菜园鸡饭 a try.

->> Kampung chicken specialist among JB's top chicken rice stalls. The tender, juicy chicken is a favourite of JB locals.



Restaurant name: Ah Lee Kampung Chicken Rice 亚李菜园鸡饭
Address: Junction of Jalan Badik and Jalan Badik 1, Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.486227,103.768959 / 1°29'10.4"N 103°46'08.2"E
Hours: 4:00pm to 12:00 midnight

Non Halal

Date visited: 27 May 2013

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  1. Jurong West Market? I go there occasionally for marketing.

    1. I am not sure. Ah Fei just mentioned Blk 505 :)

  2. their taugeh is worth trying also. I try to make it at home, rinse it with hot water, then sprinkle some pepper and soya sauce, but can never replicate it.

    1. Yes, I saw. I shall the taugeh next time. They have curry wild boar too. It's good :)

  3. Thats quite a generous portion. In Singapore, its hard to find such serving of chicken meat. In addition, this is meaty and thick. Not layered

  4. a very good recommendation indeed. would say it is the best in that area (and yet to find a place in singapore that can match it) the chicken was flavorful,juicy and a bit chewy . this is what a good kampong chicken should be. I usually do not take much of the skin, however , I could not resist it here. the skin was crunchy and nice. the sauce poured over the chicken was much better than I expected, fragrant yet not salty. oh , yes, I liked the ground chili as well as the minced ginger and spring onion . all not powerful enough to supersede the flavor of the chicken. ordered half a chicken for 2 of us and truly without regret!
    one letdown, however, was that the rice (though better than many places) and the soup were just not hot enough.

  5. where can i get a halal one in JB please?? i love nasi ayam hainan, used to eat at Melawati near Ampang...

  6. Have visited it several times. It is still no.1 stall on my list.


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