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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Roti Jala in Johor Bahru at Restoran Mak Tok


The night before I went down to Taman Setia Tropika for an appointment, I requested for breakfast suggestions from Johor Kakis. Zaiha, Kheng Boon, Halim, Khairul, Nir Ali, and Syairi suggested that I try the roti jala stall at Restoran Mak Tok. 

I took up their suggestion and enjoyed a delicious traditional breakfast. Thank you Johor Kakis :D


Budi from West Java (Indonesia) runs the roti jala stall at Restoran Mak Tok for 3 years now.


Budi makes the roti jala batter at the stall. The batter is mainly made from flour, eggs, water and a little turmeric powder.


Budi makes the roti jala on the spot when there is an order. So at Mak Tok, all the roti jala are freshly made. From this picture, it is easy to see why this dish is called roti jala or "net bread".


The roti jala are rolled and served hot, straight from the frying griddle.

Roti-Jala-Johor-Bahru-Restoran-Mak- Tok

The roti jala is served with a small bowl of chicken curry.


The roti jala has a soft and bouncy mouth feel. The roti was slightly sweet and was complemented well by the savoury and mildly spicy curry. The 4 roti jala rolls didn't felt enough for me :D


I love this roti jala so much that I ordered a second set before finishing the first. The staff asked "bungkus? (packet?)". I replied "Bukan. Makan sini. (No. Eating here.)" The staff was surprised but quickly regained his composure and smiled :D

If you are looking for a delicious traditional light breakfast or tea at Setia Tropika, the roti jala at Mak Tok is a good option.


Restaurant name: Restoran Mak Tok
Address: Jalan Setia Tropika 28 (next to Domino's Pizza), Taman Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.54391,103.710347
Hours: 7:00am to 7:00pm

Date visited: 25 Nov 2013


  1. Great review! May i know the price? It look like a high class restaurant so i didnt patronize it when i was pass by.

    1. It's very affordable. RM3 per set.

    2. this made me craving for malaysian food /: sadly im far


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