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Breakfast in Yong Peng at One Plus One Restaurant 1 加 1, Johor

I am building up a portfolio of Yong Peng eateries as I realised that Yong Peng is a very convenient rest stop for drivers between JB/Singapore and Malacca/KL. As Yong Peng has many Foochow people, it is also a good place to try Foochow specialities not easily found elsewhere in Malaysia or Singapore.

Yong Peng is at Exit 241 for southbound and Exit 242 for northbound traffic. Yong Peng town is just 10 minutes drive or 2 km in, once you exit the toll gates. Yong Peng is just a small "strip town" with one main road (Jalan Besar), so major eateries are easy to locate - a plus point for travellers passing through.

So on our trip to KL, we exited the North-South Highway (northbound) at Exit 242. Our original plan was to have breakfast at Yuan Yean but we arrived too early - the famous Foochow fish ball place was not opened for the day yet. So we drove around the little town looking for Plan B.

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

Turned the corner and we stumbled upon the market square just behind Jalan Besar (the main street).

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

I spotted this unremarkable charcoal roast meat stall. But, as a roast meat person, I have to investigate every roast meat stall that I come across. Suspicious looking or not.


I saw a few locals who looked like regulars buying their roast meat as part of their daily marketing. Trusted by locals - a good sign :D

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-Restaurant-1 加 1-Johor

Looking at that slab of roast belly pork, I found it's clean, taut lines attractive. I decided to try this.

It turned out that this roast meat stall is part of One Plus One kopitiam. The boss, Mr. Tan runs the roast meat stall while the lady boss and children run the dim sum section.

We tried several things at One Plus One 1 加 1. This is the combination that I will come back for when passing Yong Peng again.

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

I will have century egg porridge, fried mee and eat it along with roast belly pork and a glass of kopi kaw

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

I like something with more fluid in the morning, so porridge is one of my preferred breakfasts. One Plus One's porridge is soft, savoury from the century egg and minced pork. For small eaters, this porridge is actually quite substantial in itself.

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

This simple fried mee is actually One Plus One's hottest seller. The slurpy yellow noodles were savoury, slick and had nice bite and mouth feel i.e. not too soft nor stiff.

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor
Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

The siew yok was nicely done. The skin was crackly crispy though it wasn't thick or airy like rice puffs. The meat and fat had just the right savoury taste, not too salty. It also had good bite and very slight bouncy mouth feel.

The porridge, fried mee and siew yok combination makes a great breakfast for me :D

The kopi was average kopitiam fare.

After our breakfast, we stayed a while to chat with the owners.

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

The boss' son churns out nearly 40 wok loads of this steaming fried mee everyday. One of the keys of One Plus One's fried mee is the savoury sauce made with ground anchovies and hae bee (dried shrimps). The rest is the skill of the boss' son in handling the wok and fire.

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

Mr. Tan, the boss has been making Hong Kong roasts for 40+ years. Now, another of Mr. Tan's sons does the heavy lifting and roasting work.

Breakfast-Yong-Peng-One-Plus-One-1 加 1-Johor

Nowadays, Mr. Tan's main task is to cut the meat for customers. His skill with the chopper is a joy to watch.

Not mind blowing "Die Die Must Try" delicious but if you pulled into Yong Peng early and need to top up on carbs and caffeine for the drive, Restoran One Plus One has what you need in a tasty package.

You may want to check out One Plus One's tim sum too.

hmm... next time I am here, I shall ask the boss why he called his restaurant One Plus One. Forgot to ask this time.

Restaurant name: One Plus One Restaurant 1 加 1
Address: 25, Jalan Meng Seng, Yong Peng, Johor
GPS: 2.011871,103.061513
Hours: 7:00am to 11:30am (Closed Wednesday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 7 Dec 2013

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  1. sometimes they have braised duck wing on friday (something that their lady boss is proud of).. which is quite 'hot sales' among locals too. =D

    1. U should try hong tack roast item if u are a siow bak person :)

  2. you can try to get some nice old school days square butter bun from 1 of the kueh stall (the further & corner stall) in the market beside this dim sum place. my relatives always import these buns back to sg in dozen =X

    1. Thanks you Sze Hui. Shall look for the butter buns :D

  3. The fried mee is so tempting. Look so simple dish but can be a killer.

  4. We tried the roast pork, dim sum, fried noodle and coffee. It was undoubtedly tasty. Thanks for the recommendation. We shall go for the century egg porridge on our next trip.

  5. must try the roasted pork belly!!!
    not too salty and not oily.
    "LIKE" X 1,000,000,000

  6. Visited the coffee shop in March this year (2015). The roast pork stall is no more - closed for good. So sad did not get a chance to try it.


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