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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Vivo Pizza & Panini at Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru

Johor Kaki was invited to lunch at the newly opened Vivo Pizza & Panini outlet at Setia Tropika Welcome Centre.


Inside, Vivo at Setia Tropika is spacious, neatly laid out, clean, bright and very comfortable with air con and soft plush sofa seats.


We started off with the Vivo salad (RM8.90). Cherry tomatoes, lettuce, and crispy oven baked croutons dressed in Thousand Island sauce. Very simple, very fresh and very clean. 



I ordered the Norwegian Salmon Steak (RM22.90) because I wanted a tasty yet healthful choice :D  


The large slab of salmon steak was nicely done. Tender and moist, the signature salmon flavour was complemented by savouriness from the large chunk of garlic herb butter.


The French fries were not greasy and went well with the warm tomato salsa sauce.


I tried the Beef Lasagna (RM17.90). Layers of pasta sandwiching layers of minced beef and tomato stew, and then topped with melted Mozzarella cheese.

Creamy, tangy, savoury and beefy. Layers of different types of softness from the melted cheese, minced beef and pasta.


We had the classic Hawaiian Pizza (RM13.90). It's topped with chicken bologna slices, chicken chunks, pineapple chunks and onion rings held together by melted Mozzarella cheese,


At Vivo, the crispy pizza crust is made at the shop using flour, water and yeast - something not done even at some well appointed restaurants who buy their crusts "OEM" i.e. generic, factory made and frozen.


Every time I am in Vivo, I will order their Volcano Chocolate Lava Cake with Ice Cream (RM15.90). One of the best lava cakes in town, I must say. 

Always enjoyed it.


My cup of cappuccino. Nowadays, with so many trendy specialty coffee bars sprouting up all over JB, coffee must not only have good body, taste great and smells nice, it must also look pretty with nice latte art.

Vivo's cappuccino has good body, tastes good, has nice aroma and latte art that looked better than those at some of the specialty coffee bars that I have been to.


Vivo restaurants are comfortable, family friendly places to chill with good food and drinks at reasonable prices.

Restaurant name: Vivo Pizza & Panini at Setia Tropika (Vivo has 13 branches in Johor, Malacca and KL)

Address: GF2, Tropika Welcome Centre, Setia Tropika, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.548800,103.718061
Hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm (extends to 10:30pm on weekends)
Certified Halal

Date visited: 21 Mar 2014

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  1. VIVO pizza is like the best pizza in town!!! Have to try them! Delicious and affordable :) I heard there is a vivo day in sutera mall this coming Thursday? what is that?


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