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Hee Kee Hong Kong Desserts 囍記 at Jurong Point in Singapore


I was invited to a tasting session for bloggers at Hee Kee Hong Kong Desserts 囍記 at Jurong Point shopping centre in Singapore.

I am a fan of contemporary Hong Kong desserts because I like the colours and innovative way they combine the flavours and textures, often in surprising ways. 


Hee Kee 囍記 is a typical small dessert shop in a Singapore shopping mall.

Decor is bright and simple. The tables and stools were small, and clustered quite close together. So, it's an eat-and-go kind of place. There were some cushioned seats and chairs with back rests at the left side of the shop.

We tasted several of Hee Kee's 囍記 popular desserts.


The traditional steamed egg pudding (SGD3.50+). 

The soft pudding served hot or chilled was creamy and had a pronounced milk flavour. I like this a lot, though people not accustomed to the dairy flavour may appreciate it less. I ate all of this, scrapping out the very last bit in the bowl. 

I love the milky aroma and taste which reminded me of the warm mug of creamy milk I had in school, courtesy of the US Dept of Agriculture milk program of 1960s Singapore :D

Worth trying as this classic Hong Kong dessert is not commonly available in Singapore hawker centres or food courts.


Homemade bean curd with gula Melaka (SGD3.30+). 

Tasty but not much different from what is available at hawker centres or food courts (except for the gula Melaka twist).


The Whole Coconut with Coconut Ice Cream and Peanut Crush (SGD8.80+). 

The refreshing fresh coconut juice was served separately in a glass. The white meat of the coconut was scrapped out and eaten with the sweet ice cream and crunchy crushed peanuts. It was a nice blend of sweet and nutty flavours with soft, crunchy, and crumbly bite. The factory supplied ice cream was slightly too sugary for my liking. 

A dessert worth trying, if you are a coconut person.


Mango Cheong Fun 甜蜜芒果肠粉 (SGD3.30+ per piece) is a block of fresh mango wrapped with a quite thick, soft, snowy coat of rice flour blended with coconut milk and elegantly tied with a string of pandan leaf.

I love the exquisite look and innovativeness of this dessert.


I like the sweet citrusy mango balanced by the refreshing coconut and clean tasting smooth rice wrap.


Ostentatious sounding "Liusha Tangyuans in Osmanthus Soup" 流沙汤圆.


The tangyuan's glutinous rice flour wrap was quite thick but the salted egg yolk liusha 流沙 filling was smooth, savoury and warm.

The next few desserts were all durian based :D  Hee Kee 囍記 uses D24 durians for their durian desserts.


D24 Durian Sauce with Sago (SGD5.80+). Made with durian sauce, mixed with sago and topped with a large dollop of D24 durian.


Layers of sweetness from the durian sauce and sago balanced with slight bittersweet notes from the durian pulp. Soft, creamy and pulpy mouth feel.


The Durian Pancake (SGD3.30+ each).

Durian puree and whipped cream wrapped in soft crepe skin with coconut.


The bittersweet durian was balanced with sweetness from the whipped cream and coconut infused wrap. A good durian fix if you are craving for durian between durian seasons. Also useful for initiating friends from overseas who have never tasted durian before.


Hee Kee 囍記 is a good dessert stop to cool our heels when shopping in busy Jurong Point.

Restaurant name: Hee Kee Hong Kong Desserts 囍記
Address: Jurong Point II, Level 3 (at Boon Lay MRT Station), Singapore
GPS: 1.340615,103.706312
Hours: 10:00am to 10:00pm

Date visited: 19 Jul 2014

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  1. Is this halal certified?

    1. Most likely. Singapore is quite stringent on that.


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