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Fs Wantan Mee in Chua Chu Kang, Singapore 辛福利

Years ago, when I was living in Choa Chu Kang town in Singapore, there was a small, little known eatery that sells one of my favourite wantan mee.

This wantan mee is unique. And, I use this word carefully. By unique, I mean that there is no wantan noodle like this anywhere else in this world.

No kidding.


Everything on this plate of wantan mee is quite competent. 


The noodles were al dente but they were generic factory supplied noodles. The egginess wasn't as pronounced as I like.


The char siew was tasty and sweet but they were sliced too thin and don't have the charred caramelised outside and edges that I like.


The wantan fillings were flavourful though the skin wrap was quite thick.

But, this wantan mee has a unique drippy sweet, savoury sauce with a spicy ginger aftertaste kick.

It's this unique sauce that makes all the difference. Wantan mee purists may be disappointed but 辛福利 Fs eatery won over enough fans to be a small thriving shop today with a loyal following.

Things weren't always this rosy.


Back in year 2000, the boss Mr Gui 雷金福 and his sisters rented this shop lot in the quiet part of Choa Chu Kang town in the laid back western side of Singapore.

They were selling wantan mee, the generic kind that is found in every coffee shop in Singapore. Business was quiet and the Gui family has many members dependent on the fate of this shop for survival.

It was a simple case of innovate or die. 

Nothing glamorous or fanciful, nor was it for fame or fortune.


Mr Gui tried many different concoctions and combinations, until by chance, he finally hit upon this soupy sauce. It's like no other wantan mee sauce in this world. It will make wantan mee purists throw their arms up in disgust and despair, but local residents took to it like bees to honey.

All age old wantan mee convention was thrown out of the window, but Mr Gui's shop and family were saved.

Till today, 辛福利 Fs eatery's wantan mee remained Choa Chu Kang's best kept secret.


When I came back today, Mr Gui recognised me and was happy to see me again after so long. Mr Gui said that he thought I had emigrated overseas :P

There were some changes.


Though the shop lot is still basic and bare bones, at least, there is now a glass panel between the kitchen and the outside.


The wantan mee is now served in disposable plastic plates, spoons and chopsticks. The noodles used to be soaking in 辛福利 Fs' signature soupy sauce but there is less of it now.

Mr Gui told me that they were forced to resort to disposal plates because they couldn't find workers to wash the plates and utensils. As the plastic plates are shallow, they couldn't serve as much of the soupy sauce as before without it spilling over.

Mr Gui told me that customers who ask for more sauce will be given extra of the soupy concoction. TIP: Order like a regular. Remember to ask for extra soupy sauce when you visit 辛福利 Fs eatery :D


辛福利 Fs eatery also serves this likable lor mee which uses a starched up version of the same wantan mee soupy sauce.


Come and try 辛福利 Fs' wantan mee with an open mind as wantan mee is not supposed to be like this. Let your taste buds tell you if this is good or not.


Restaurant name: Fs eatery 辛福利
Address: Sunshine Place, junction of Choa Chu Kang Avenue 3 and Avenue 1, Singapore
GPS: 1.378192,103.739181
Hours: 8:30am to 3:00pm (Closed on Tues)
Non Halal

Date visited: 20 Jul 2014

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