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Moonlight Cake House in Johor Bahru is More than Good Cakes


Boon Lin, Manager at Moonlight Cake House invited me to try out their new food menu.

I jio (invited) the Ma Cherie group of JB bloggers to join me.


I've been to Moonlight's various branches in JB (there are 7) many times both as a guest and as a regular customer.

I especially like the al fresco section at Moonlight Cake House branches.

The open section is spacious, cooled by many ceiling fans and shielded from sun rays and road dust by green leafy scrubs and cooling mist sprays. 

Moonlight's al fresco section is very comfortable. 

Boon Lim charming briefing the Ma Cherie bloggers about Moonlight Cake House.


The kitchen in each Moonlight Cake House branch is led by a young but experienced chef. Here at the Sutera branch, Chef Chao leads the team in the kitchen. Chef Chao has worked in Pan Pacific (now Puteri Pacific), BlueWave and Zon (now Berjaya Waterfront) hotels in Johor Bahru. 

Chef Chao guided us through the food menu tasting and answered our queries about the dishes.


Bamboo Charcoal Crunchy Chicken Burger (RM12.90).

Every body cafe touts a charcoal burger, so Moonlight Cake House is no exception.

Moonlight's charcoal buns are house made everyday, so they are always fresh, fluffy and bouncy.

The thick piece of battered fried chicken crispy outside and moist inside was complemented by crunchy lettuce, juicy tomato and creamy mayonnaise.


Scallop with Capelin Roe (RM12.90).

Something new to me.

A large fleshy scallop stacked on thin slices of sweet onion and coated with cheese covered with a orangey layer of tiny Capelin fish roe that softly pop in the mouth.


Baked Garlic & Mozzarella Cheese Mussels (RM16.90).

Soft, chewy mussels smothered with robustly flavoured Mozzarella cheese or fried garlic and chili topping.


The ladies love these Cheesy Potato Wedges (RM6.90).

The smooth warm cheese sauce was just the right savouriness and feel.

The ladies had to be alert to keep stopping the hardworking waitress from clearing the plate as the Ma Cherie bloggers were bend on wiping the plate clean of the very last drop of cheese sauce.


Grilled Chicken Chop with American Cheezy Sauce (RM19.90).

A huge slab of grilled chicken leg bathed in a savoury brown sauce and a thick dribble of cheezy sauce - the same creamy sauce that earlier sent the ladies around the bend with glee.

The chicken chop is also served with salad, pasta and black pepper sauce.


Aglio Olio with Mushroom (RM13.90).

A bit of deja vu for me as Moonlight's pastas were what first caught my attention during the early days of Johor Kaki blog.

Loads of lightly pan fried chopped mushrooms and a sprinkling of cheese on this al dente pasta (garnished with a couple of fiery, red hot chili peppers for those who dare).


Fried Sliced Fish Beehoon Soup (RM9.90).

I am a fish beehoon soup fan. The anchovy and soy bean broth thickened with milk was nice but what really impressed me were the slices of fried toman fish.


The toman fish was totally unexpected. I don't know where else one can get fresh toman fish with noodle soup at this price.

So bravo, Moonlight.


Honey BBQ Chicken Chop with Fried Rice (RM11.90).

Chicken char siew with nicely executed fried rice with just the right texture, moistness and fragrant grains that separated easily. 

The food tasting was just the start. Part one.

It's not possible to visit Moonlight Cake House and not try some of their cakes.



Pastry chef Edward, guided us during our cake tasting session.


My favourite crepe cake. 

It was the Mille Crepes that first brought me to Moonlight Cake House.

Still love them.

Today, we sampled the Peach Mille Crepe (RM9.90).


Rainbow Cheese Cake (RM12.90). 

The creamy cheese held together six layers of pastel coloured spongy cakes. Pastry chef Edward told us that Moonlight uses only minimum natural colour essence in their rainbow cakes. 


Brownie Cheese Cake (RM9.90).

Rich and creamy cheese cake stacked on top a dense moist chocolate brownie cake studded with almond chips. 


Red Velvet Cake (RM12.90).

Red Velvet Cake is one of Moonlight's hot cakes now.

I like it that this velvet cake is coloured with natural beetroot (no artificial colouring in this cake).

Bravo, Moonlight.


I am not a health drink person but the ladies were so excited about this Honey Wolfberry Tea (RM6.90), that I had to try it for myself.

A warm sweet tea of dates, wolfberries, longan and honey.

Those who know me, know that my favourite drink during food tasting is ais kosong (plain water with ice cubes) :P


As we were leaving late in the evening, a steady stream of customers still come in for Moonlight's cakes.

Moonlight Cake House is an established, trusted brand in JB. There is something to please everyone's taste buds, ambiance is nice, service is attentive and pleasant, and the prices are reasonable.

Here are the blog posts of the Ma Cherie ladies at the blogging party :D

Ler Ler Ler Ler Ler Ler Edlyn Audrey Audrey Kim Eunice Eunice

Yuki and Tiffany having fun at Moonlight Cake House.


Restaurant name: Moonlight Cake House (7 branches)
Address: Head Office at 77B, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.515692,103.669569 
Hours: 9:00am to 2:00am 
Telephone: +607-558 3322 
No pork, no lard, Halal cert in process

Date visited: 6 Jun 2014

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  1. I was at permas jaya branch last week. Wifi is weak. I had 2 drinks and 2 cakes. Bill came up to be RM60+. My companion pointed out that we were charged twice for cake so we got the bill revised. No sorry or remorse from the server.

    1. Hi Carrot Head,i am Boon Lin,Manager of Moonlight Permas.I'm very sorry for the mistake and we already remind and re-train all the staffs how to handle and settle this bad didn't train my new staffs well. i will train all my new staffs and make sure they doing good.Thanks Carrot Head.

  2. I just back from you here and your foods are very delicious ! Well Done

  3. Hi!Can I know about the whole History of the Moonlight Cake House?Because I also have a report is about this,but I can't find the information on the Internet...:(

    1. May be you can contact them using the telephone number on their website.


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