Saturday, 29 November 2014

Crif Dogs in NYC New York

Crif Dogs has almost a cult following and so I set out to check it out at it's original shop in Saint Marks Place. It was Black Friday in New York City, so I had to fight the crush of human traffic as I headed north to the Lower East Side via Broadway Avenue.


The original Crif Dogs opened here in Saint Marks Place in 2001, an old quaint Lower East Side neighbourhood near East Village where there are many interesting eateries.


Walk down the steps to get into Crif Dogs. I like that going "underground" feel. Got that "wow! this must be something" kind of feeling.


Inside, Crif Dogs is narrow and the lighting charmingly moody. The crowd is young (mostly NYU students and youthful tourists :-p ). It's like an "open secret" hideout. I can feel the hip in the place straight away.


That famous mural in Crif Dogs.


There are small regular tables and chairs, but that ledge and bar stools are the coolest.


The menu at Crif Dogs. Many types of hot dogs with as many toppings - the more fanciful toppings like pineapple, egg, bacon and Swiss cheese are at additional cost.

I ordered Crif Dogs' signature Crif Dog (what else :-p  ).


My warm Crif Dog.

I asked for all the free toppings (mustard, sauerkraut, relish, raw onions) minus the ketchup :-p


Frankly, that fried wiener and soft bun tasted ordinary. The whole hot dog was also smothered by thick layers of sourness (my fault), though the varied types of crunch was interesting.

Come again?

Definitely (have to).

The Crif Dog I had today didn't taste or feel too different from hot dogs I can get elsewhere. But, I like the unique charm of Lower East Side and the ambiance inside old Crif Dogs.

If I want a hot dog and not too far from St. Marks Place, I will have to try another signature hot dog at Crif Dogs.

Perhaps, one of the other hot dogs like b.l.t. with that famous bacon wrapped wiener might excite me.

(Note: From inside Crif Dogs, you can enter into a bar by saying the secret password "Please Don't Tell" into a fake phone booth but that story, next time.)


Restaurant name: Crif Dogs
Address: 113 St Marks Place, NYC, New York, USA
Hours: 12:00 pm – 4:00 am
Tel(212) 614-2728

Date visited: 28 Nov 2014

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